Talents Demonology is about buffing your pets, your stones, and making you very survivable. Soul link is the crown jewel of this tree, and Soul link is just amazing. The main argument against demonology is that the rest of the tree is relatively mediocre, but avid demonology fans will defend it as otherwise. The other really useful talents are: Master Demonologist, Fel Domination, Master Summoner, and Demonic Embrace. If you're going to be a demonologist, improved imp and healthstone are a nice way to go. Improved Voidwalker will make your VW much more capable of holding aggro, and its important to note that improved succubus is pretty much only useful in PvE, due to the cap on seduction length in PvP. And Master Demonologist is just absurdly well rounded, and useful. [relConBox] Affliction is all about making you more efficient over time. Increases in shadow damage, making your drains less interruptable, instant cast shadowbolts and dark pact for essentially infinite mana are the big points in this tree. The affliction tree is arguably the best build to go with for group PvP, as you'll have nearly infinite mana. Also, even though most of our debuffs can be dispelled, you have infinite mana and they can't get all of them, can they? ;) Curse of Exhaustion is also in this tree, giving it our essentially only escape spell. Destruction is exactly what it sounds like. It makes your direct damage spells better, faster, stronger. The +% crit chance is wonderful overall...and its a pre-req for Ruin, the talent that should be the end-tree talent for destruction. Conflag really isn't worth it. Improved Searing pain used to be great in PvE with the strategy to fear something and spam SP at it, but with fear breaking quite often on damage, its much less useful there...although still quite useful for PvP. Intensify is a great talent if you use a lot of AEs (its a staple of the Soul Link/Intensify build) and .5 seconds off your immolate and shadow bolt spells is wonderful. High crit/burst damage is the point of this tree, and it does that very well. Shadow Burn is also a nice, instant nuke, although it does take a shard unless you kill something with it and you are ready to use it [INDENT]Taken from Warlock FAQ by Sinnyil @ http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?fn=wow-warlock&t=220101&p=1&tmp=1#post220101[/INDENT]
Affliction Tier 1 Suppression: 5 Point talent. Reduces resist chance by 2-10%. Excellent late game, when you're fighting a lot higher level (than you) mobs (MC, Onyxia, etc). This lets your curses and such stick better. Also excellent for PvP. Only marginally useful while leveling up. Improved Corruption: 5 point talent. Reduces casting time of corruption by .4 seconds (making it instant at 5 ranks). Excellent leveling talent. Instant corruption is quite useful, as you can then cast it on the run. Not as useful in late game raiding, as mobs die too quickly and the debuff slot limit demands no corruption. Tier 2 Improved Curse of Weakness: 3 points. Increases effectiveness of Curse of Weakness by 6%/13%/20%. A skipper, for sure. Curse of weakness is marginally useful in the early game, and pretty much useless end game. Improved Drain Soul: 2 points. 50%/100% chance to gain mana regen when killing a mob when affected by drain soul. Talent marginally useful for soloing/farming shards. Seems to only give buff when you kill the mob, not your pet, not another player. Improved LifeTap: 2 points. 10%/20% to mana returned from lifetap. Excellent tool, both solo and grouped. So long as you're not taking damage, lifetap should be used with abandon, its more efficient to get it healed than regen. This makes it even more efficient. Improved Drain Life: 5 points. 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% increase to drain damage and life returned. More useful while drain tanking. Damage increase isn't much, but does add up. Good for leveling with a drain tank build. Not useful in the late game, reasoning same as Imp. Corruption. Tier 3 Improved Curse of Agony: 3 points, 2%/4%/6% increase to damage to CoA. Relatively useless. The damage increase is neglidgeable and mobs seldom live for the full span of CoA when grouped. A bit useful while soloing. Fel Concentration: 5 points. 14%/28%/42%/56%/70% chance to not be interupted while using a drain spell (mana/life/soul). Excellent talent, a staple of the drain tanking strategy. Amplify Curse: 1 point. Next Curse of Weakness of Agony cast increased by 50%, or Exhaustion by 20%. 3 Minute cooldown. Moderately useful. Moreso on exhaustion, but it does noticeably increase the damage done by CoA. Tier 4{/i] Grim Reach: 2 points. Increase range of afflction spells by 10%/20%. Very useful. Increased range is highly desirable in PvE and PvP alike. Notably drains and fear with greater range are quite desirable. Nightfall: 2 points. 2%/4% of going into a shadow trance when doing damage with drain life/corruption. This happens more than you think. Excellent talent. If you're this far into affliction, pick this up. Improved Drain Mana: 2 points. 15%/30% of mana drained by drain mana causes damage to target. Marginally useful. It is free damage, and that's never terrible. Drain mana is exponentially more useful the more +shadow gear you have. [I]Tier 5 Siphon Life: 1 point. Post patch - instant cast, casts a spell that's a debuff, draining life every 3 seconds from the target to you. After the patch, highly useful. Spam on everything. (Improved)Curse of Exhaustion: 1+4 points. Initial point gives you the ability, speed of target reduced to 90% The remaining 4 improved it to 70%. More useful in PvP than PvE, although useful for escaping in PvE. Requires amplify curse. Tier 6 Shadow Mastery: 5 points. 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% increase to shadow damage. Highly useful. Note that this is pre +shadow gear, not post +shadow gear. Requires Siphon Life. Tier 7 Dark Pact: 1 point. Take X mana from your pet and return it to you. HIGHLY useful. Gives you essentially unlimited mana. Reduces downtime to about nil, since its instant cast and can be cast while running from Mob to Mob. Useful in end game as sustained damage keeps going while others run out of mana/life. Demonology Tier 1 Improved healthstone: 2 points. 10%/20% increase to healing with healthstone. Very useful, but would be moreso if it applied to healthstones you give away. Currently only applies to your own healthstones. Improved Imp: 3 points. Increases effectiveness of imp spells by 10%/20%/30%. HIGHLY useful, if only for the increases stamina from blood pact. The increased damage from firebolts is also nice. Demonic Embrace: 5 points. 3%/6%/9%/12%/15% increase to stamina, 1%/2%/3%/4%/5% decrease to spirit. Extremely useful. Stamina is one of the warlocks most needed stats, with spirit being one of the least. Tier 2 Improved Health Funnel: 2 points. 10%/20% increase to healing done by health funnel. Almost entirely useless. Maybe if you use health funnel a lot... Improved Voidwalker: 3 point. 10%/20%/30% increase to effectiveness of VW abilities. Moderately useful. With these talents the VW can hold taunt much better, and his shield is way more effective. Fel Intellect: 5 points. 3%/6%/9%/12%/15% increase to pet mana. Moderately useful. VW benefits a lot from this, as he goes out of mana often. Tier 3 Improved Succubus: 3 points. 10%/20%/30% increase to Succubus's abilities. Moderately useful. Increase to duration of seduce helps in PvE, but not in PvP due to other restrictions. Fel Domination: 1 point. 15 minute cooldown. Next summon cast takes 5.5 seconds less and costs 50% less mana. Excellent ability. Highly useful for sticky situations. Fel stamina: 5 points. 3%/6%/9%/12%/15% increase to pet health. Moderately useful. Especially if you use soul link. Requires Fel Intellect. Tier 4 Master summoner: 2 points. Decreases casting time by 2/4 seconds and mana cost by 20%/40% of summons. HIGHLY useful. When combined with fel domination, the cast time is .5 seconds and 10% of mana cost. This is very noticeable. Requires fel domination. Master Conjurer: 2 points. 20%/40% decrease in casting time and cost of stone spells. Moderately useful. Best if you pass out a lot of healthstones and cast stones in combat to hand out. Also a downtime reducer in late instances. Tier 5 Improved Enslave Demon: 5 points. 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% decrease to decreased attack speed of enslaved demon and resistance to enslave demon. Moderately useful, post patch. Pre-patch, only marginally useful. Decreased resistance means it lasts longer and resists less. Demonic Sacrifice: 1 point. Sac your demon for benefits, Imp: 15% to fire damage, Succ: 15% to shadow, VW: 15% to health. Fel: 20% to mana. Moderately useful. Post-patch its instant cast, which makes it better. The +% to damage is after +damage gear, making it better than shadow master and emberstorm. Useful in situations where having a pet is pretty pointless (MC, Onyxia, etc) Improved Firestone: 2 points. Increase damage done by firestone and by increased fire damage from firestone by 15/30%. Even post-patch, only marginally useful. Firestones mostly useful for farming/PvP searing pain or inferno/conflag builds. Tier 6 Unholy Power: 4%/8%/12%/16%/20% increase to pet melee damage. Marginally useful. Mostly useful while soloing, as melee pets aren't that prevalently used for melee in groups. Helps VW keep aggro a little bit. Tier 7 Soul Link: 1 point. EXTREMELY USEFUL. Splits the damage you take between you and your pet. Instant cast. Yes it can be dispelled. Slight bug, if you're under a shield type effect (PW:Shield, VW sac shield, etc) and the soul link buff is still up, you will still take damage. Improved Spellstone: 2 points. 15%/30% increase to amount of damage absorbed by your spellstone. Marginally useful. Mostly good in PvP situations where you're unlikely to have buffs stripped by using your spellstone. Destruction Tier 1 Improved Shadow Bolt: 5 points. When your shadowbolt crits, for the next 12 seconds the next 4 sources of shadow damage deal 4%/8%/12%/16%/20% extra damage. Highly useful. The absurd crits you see warlocks have are normally SB crit following a SB crit. Cataclysm: 5 points. 1%/2%/3%/4%/5% reduced mana cost of destruction spells. Moderately useful. Nothing wrong with more mana efficiency. Tier 2 Bane: 5 points. Reduces casting time of Shadowbolt and Immolate by .1/.2/.3/.4/.5 seconds. Extremely useful. Increased DPS. Aftermath: 5 points. Gives a 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% chance for destruction spells to daze. Marginally useful. Daze is about the least useful status ailment, and the chance isn't high to boot. Tier 3 Improved Firebolt: 2 points. Decrease casting time of imp's firebolt by .5/1 second(s). Moderately useful. Turns the imp into very fast burst damage. Helpful in PvP. Improved Lash Of Pain: 2 points. Decrease cooldown of succubus lash of pain by 3/6 seconds. Mildly useful. Succubus is normally used for seduce, not damage. This causes too much mana drain on the succubus. Devastation: 5 points. Increase crit. chance by 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%. EXTREMELY USEFUL. Not only does this open up Ruin, but...increased crit chance is always good. Goes doubly well with improved shadow bolt. Shadowburn: 1 point. Instant DD but it costs a shard. If it kills the mob you gain a shard back. Extremely useful. 15 second cooldown. Note: Earlier in the FAQ there's a writeup with some problems with this ability. Just follow those instructions and you should be ok. Tier 4 Intensity: 2 points. Decreases chance of being interrupted while casting Rain of Fire or Hellfire by 35%/70%. Moderately useful. Since the two AoEs warlocks get are channeled, if they get attacked during the channel they lose ticks of damage. This decreases the chance of that happening. If you have a paladin, concentration aura makes you 100% uninterruptable. Destructive Reach: 2 points. 10%/20% increased range on destruction spells. Highly useful. Especially in scenarios where the mob you're fighting has an AE (Magmadar in MC comes to mind). Also very useful in PvP. Improved Searing Pain: 5 points. 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% increased crit chance with searing pain. Moderately useful. Searing pain is not that useful in Group PvE (where a destructolock shines) because of the aggro draw. This is very useful in PvP though, if you build around it. Tier 5 Pyroclasm: 2 points. 13%/26% Chance for hellfire/Rain of fire to proc a 3 second stun. Deceivingly useless. As this is calculated for the entire spell, not per wave, the % chance per wave is much smaller, almost unnoticeable. Requires 2 points in Intensity. Improved Immolate: Increase initial damage of immolate by 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%. Moderately useful. A build around Conflag/Immolate makes a large use of the upfront damage of immolate and less of the DoT part. Ruin: 1 point. Increases crit damage from spells to 100%. Highly useful. Essentially increases damage of crits by 33%. Makes for those big crits you hear about warlocks getting. Requires 5 points in devastation. Tier 6 Emberstorm: 5 points. 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% increase to fire damage. Moderately useful. Great for Immol/conflag and Searing pain crit builds. But mostly in late game PvE shadow bolt is used, making emberstorm less useful unless you need points on the way to conflag. Tier 7 Conflagrate: 1 point. Consumes your immolate spell and does damage. 1.5 second cast. Moderately useful. A basis of conflag/immolate builds. Not that useful in PvE, but the basis of the conflag/immolate build, which is decent in PvP. (Being Changed to Instant Cast, Higher Damage, Higher Mana Cost in Content Patch 1.7)


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