DoTs, Direct Damage, AoE, and Other Abilities

VI. Damage Over Time spells (DoTs) VII. Direct Damage spells (DD) [relConBox] VIII. Area of Effect spells (AoE) IX. Other Abilties VI. Damage over Time spells (DoTs) DoTs are damage-over-time spells. Because they do damage over time, you want to cast them at the start of a battle and have them deal damage throughout the battle. If you're killing a monster very quickly, then DoTs aren't the best to use as they may not be able to deliver their full damage output before the monster is already dead. Corruption - Inflicts a disease on a target that causes X damage over Y seconds. Corruption will stack with Shadow Word: Pain. Immolate - Burns the enemy for X Fire damage and then an additional Y Fire damage over 15 seconds. Curse of Agony - It's a curse that is a DoT. VII. Direct Damage spells (DD) Shadow Bolt - Sends a shadowy bolt at the enemy. This is your direct damage (DD) spell, and you'll want to use it when you're not casting something else. It is useful for killing fleeing monsters, finishing monsters off, and so on. At higher ranks, this gets rather powerful even if I personally think the casting time of it is too long. Searing Pain ? Inflict searing pain on the enemy target, causing 204 to 240 Fire damage. Causes a high amount of threat. This is a 1.5s cast time spell and is very effect with Curse of Elements. Immolate ? Burns the enemy for X Fire damage and then an additional Y Fire damage over 15 seconds. I listed this under DD also because it is a very viable and high damage DD spell if you have the mana to spare. With a cast time of 1.5s when you have 5/5 bane it can be very effective because of its higher default cast time. Conflagrate - Ignites a target that is already afflicted by Immolate, dealing X to Y Fire damage and consuming the Immolate spell. An extremely effective and high damage spell to be used for mid fight damage or as a finishing spell. In upcoming patch 1.7 this spell with me instant cast rather than its current 1.5s cast time currently. Soulfire ? Burn the enemy's soul, causing X to Y Fire damage. Shadowburn ? Instantly blasts the target for X to Y Shadow damage. If the target dies from Shadowburn, and yields experience or honor, the caster gains a Soul Shard. VIII. Area of Effect spells (AoE) Rain of Fire - Rather mana costly and hate generating spell. Be careful not to use this too much and probably only when in a big party so you don't end up with all enemies on you except the one the party tank fights. As it isn't used that often, it gets some coolness factor and there are times it will fit. Hellfire - Ignites the area surrounding the caster, causing huge fire damage in waves to both the caster and all nearby enemies. This is a good spell to use when surrounded, but its effects will stay. You can kill yourself if you're not careful. You may have to use a potion, or cast "Life Drain", to keep yourself alive. Best is if you have a friend healing or protecting you. This AoE is the highest damage AoE in the game at the moment. IX. Other Abilities Eye of Kilrogg - This summons an eye that you can control. This eye can move away from your character and can be used for scouting purposes as it was used in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. The Eye cannot fly up in the air but is similar to running very fast on the ground. It can travel up stairs and other players cannot see the Eye unless they are grouped with you or have high stealth detection. The Eye can cause agro problems in instances and raids depending on the boss or mob, so be careful how and where you use it for PvE. This is a channeling spell so it will be canceled if someone interrupts the Warlock's casting. Unending Breath - Breathe under water for 10 minutes. You can cast this on other players too, and on certain quests it is almost a necessity to be able to have your whole party fighting under water. Enslave Demon - Enslave a target demon for a limited amount of time. You can use this ability to take control over a Demon and use it to attack other monsters. This is very cool and useful even if you may only do this with demons up to a few levels (4) above the level at which you got the current rank of this spell. Ritual of Summoning - Begins a ritual that summons a targeted group member. Requires 3 people to perform (2 + The Warlock Summoning). To use this ability, first target a person (usually the party icon) you want to summon. Next, cast the spell. You will then need two people (random people or friends) to right-click on the portal one time and then do nothing once their characters show the summoning animation. Once all three players are summoning (all have summoning animation), it will take a few more seconds. Then the player summoned will appear and the portal will disappear. If it doesn't work, try it again. Players cannot be summoned into an instance from the outside. Drain Life - Transfers health from target to caster while channeling. This ability is used during battle both to damage the monster and to regain life. Drain Life is good to use against high-level monsters that typically resist your other attacks. Although Drain Life can be resisted, you should keep trying until your cast succeeds (doesn't resist). Once you land the spell, it will start draining life; it does damage the monster even if you don't actually need the life. Life Tap - Converts health into mana. If you need mana, what you do is Life Tap, and then steals life from the enemy monster. Drain Mana - Transfers X mana to the caster (Warlock) every second while channeling. This is a "leash" ability similar to the Dark Ranger's abilities in Warcraft III. Once the monster gets out of range, the leash breaks, and the spell is deactivated. Also, if the monster interrupts your casting, the interruption breaks the leash. Use this ability on enemy casters to drain their mana and replenish your own. Shadow Ward - Absorbs shadow damage. This ability is good to use when you know the monster is using shadow damage. Demon Skin - Increases health regeneration and armor. You should never be without the Demon Skin buff. Demon Armor - Increases armor, shadow resistance, and health regeneration. This ability replaces Demon Skin. It should always be active. Detect Lesser Invisibility/Invisibility - Makes you able to see NPCs or players that are invisible. Sense Demons - Use to locate Demons on the minimap. Fear - Send the monster running away. This is a good crowd control ability or escape spell. Be careful using this ability though, monsters could wake up other monsters by calling for help as they run away. You typically don't want to use this in dungeons. Banish - Banishes the target Demon or Elemental, preventing all action, but making it invulnerable for up to X sec. Only one target can be banished at a time. This spell is a "crowd control" type spell which allows you to put one extra monster that comes to fight out of action. This is useful when fighting multiple monsters or to allow the Warlock to escape.


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