Equiptment, Playing your Class, and Professions

X. Equiptment XI. Playing you Class [relConBox] XII. Professions X. Equipment Choose equipment that adds to Intelligence, Spirit and Stamina. Remember that with Life Tap, added mana means added health. Depending on build Stamina and Intellect are your top two statistics. For Affliction and Demonology stamina is more important than Intellect due to the utility in those talent trees. For Destruction builds Intelligence is more important than Stamina but Stamina still shouldn?t be discounted or ignored as it is still a key statistic for the Warlock. Hate Management (also called Threat Management) You will have to learn to be skilled at balancing the monster hate between you and the mob (in groups or raids) or your minion (when soloing). You need to learn how to back off when the monster is attacking you so that your minion or tank can taunt the monsters away from you. Stop casting spells, and/or use whatever Taunt abilities your minion might have. Learn which spells really make monsters angry and factor that in before you use them. XI. Playing the Warlock Now that you know the basics of the Warlock, you have to learn how to play the class. At the start of combat, you will likely want to cast your Dots and tell your minion to attack the enemy. Next, you will cast other spells and possibly Life Drain to bring your health back up. Then, if you want a Soul Shard, you will need to start channeling Drain Soul right before the monster dies. Cast several Dots on the monster, and then cast Fear on it. As the monster runs away, hit it with direct damage spells. Use Fear if you pull too many monsters at once. Be warned that fleeing monsters may bring back friends with them, so use Fear carefully. Also the higher level of the monster compared to the rank of your Fear will affect the failure rate. Trainers can give your minions additional skills and abilities. Use your minion abilities during combat. Most are auto cast. XII. Professions You can pick whichever two professions you like. However, you might find these more tailored to the Warlock: Skinning and Tailoring - Make cloth armor for the Warlock or other players to wear. Herbalism and Alchemy - Gather resources and make cool potions for the Warlock to use. Herbalism and Enchanting - Enchant your equipment and sell enchantments. Fishing/Cooking/First Aid - For out-of-combat healing of the Warlock. Note that these three are secondary professions and does not count towards the cap on 2 professions. Engineering and Mining ? Gives the Warlock some more reliable crowd control abilities like root and mind control and a good source of income through mining. (Preferred)


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