Here are all the quests for Ironforge, Gnomeregan and the area around them. There are many in Ironforge that I know for a fact I do not have, such as the professions ones or the very high-end ones. If you have those, give me an e-mail at . Thanks! In addition, I will not be compiling a list on Gnomeregan, as it is hated and I will destroy the creator of it once I find that person. Those are the only people at Blizzard I have a vendetta against. If anyone would like to help and send one in, that'd be great :D When quests have a Part - #Letter, then it is part of a string of quests. They must be done in order to gain the next one. If it includes End after the letter and number, then it ends that string of quests. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 14 NAME Find Bingles QUEST GIVER Gnoarm QUEST END Bingles Blastenheimer REWARDS ??? XP TIPS/STRATEGIES The lost pilot Bingles. Anyways, he's in Loch Modan, east of the lake. His exact location is hard to describe, but his general area is east of the words The Loch, on the shore (Not in the water, thankfully) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 14 NAME Speak with Shoni QUEST GIVER Gnoarm QUEST END Shoni the Shilent REWARDS ??? XP TIPS/STRATEGIES An easy one. Just take the tram to Stormwind and find Shoni the Shilent. This begins the Underground Assault quest, which is put in detail in the Elwynn Forest page. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 25 NAME Sara Balloo's Plea - Part 1F QUEST GIVER Sara Balloo QUEST END King Magni Bronzebeard REWARDS 250 XP TIPS/STRATEGIES This quest is started in the Arathi Highlands, but since there aren't a lot of quests, I decided to put it in here. To get this quest, you need to go to the Thandol Span, when you are level 25+ Jump off the look for a corpse under a rock. You should only see about half the corpse. He holds a letter in his hand. Pick it up and it begins the quest to go Sara Balloo, which then begins this quest. Sara Balloo is located in the northern part of the Military Ward. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 25 NAME A King's Tribute - Part 2F QUEST GIVER King Magni Bronzebeard QUEST END Grand Mason Marblesten REWARDS 1200 XP TIPS/STRATEGIES Easy walking quest. Found in the southern part of Ironforge. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 25 NAME A King's Tribute - Part 3F QUEST GIVER Grand Mason Marblesten QUEST END Grand Mason Marblesten REWARDS 2500 XP TIPS/STRATEGIES Yay, fighting now. You'll need Alterac Granite from Darrow Hill. Darrow Hill is northwest of Southshore. At the crossroads north of Southshore, head northwest and you'll see Darrow Hill. You can see the Alterac Granite, so no problem. Just watch out for Yetis and Tigers and such. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 25 NAME A King's Tribute - Part 4F - End QUEST GIVER Grand Mason Marblesten QUEST END King Magni Bronzebeard REWARDS ??? XP TIPS/STRATEGIES More easy XP. Go walk to the King and inform him that the memorial is done. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 32 NAME Reclaimer's Buisness in Desolace QUEST GIVER Roetten Stonehammer QUEST END Kreldig Ungor REWARDS 1300 XP TIPS/STRATEGIES This begins a string of quests, which I will go over if I ever make the Desolace page :P Anyways, he's in Nijel's Point. Once you enter the small town, he's in the back area. You should be able to see him right away. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 32 NAME Mythology of the Titans - Elite QUEST GIVER Librarian Mae Paledust QUEST END Librarian Mae Paledust REWARDS 3550 XP Explorer's League Commendation TIPS/STRATEGIES The librarian sits at the far northeast corner of Ironforge. You'll see him in the Explorer's Ward. He gives you this quest. Now, you need to go to the Scarlet Monestary in Trisfal Glades. To get there, you need to fly to Southshore, walk past Silverpine Forest, and into Trisfal Glades. Be careful, as Silverpine Forest and Trisfal Glades are deep Undead territory, with many evil minions (other aggressive players). But don't be too alarmed; you'll meet friendlys on the way. You know those monsters who are like Dalaran Wizard? They won't attack you, so you can sort of use them as distractions from low levels. Unless they're high levels, which means you run as fast as you can. The book is a ways in. In a long room, you'll see the book on a small table on the left. There are a bunch of treasure chests that hold good green item drops. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUEST CHECKLIST Find Bingles Speak with Shoni Sara Balloo's Plea - Part 1A A King's Tribute - Part 2F A King's Tribute - Part 3F A King's Tribute - Part 4F - End Reclaimer's Buisness in Desolace Mythology of the Titans - Elite


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