Here are all the quests for Kharanos, Brewnall Village and the area around it. I believe that I have everyone of them, but if you find one that is added in a patch or some hidden one I missed, give me an e-mail at . Thanks! When quests have a Part - #Letter, then it is part of a string of quests. They must be done in order to gain the next one. If it includes End after the letter and number, then it ends that string of quests. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 5 NAME Tools for Steelgrill QUEST GIVER Tharek Blackstone QUEST END Beldin Steelgrill REWARDS 110 XP TIPS/STRATEGIES Steelgrill needs some tools delivered to him. He's stationed at Steelgrill's Depot to the northeast of Kharanos. It's on a side road, so it's not too hard to find. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 5 NAME The Grizzled Den QUEST GIVER Pilot Stonegear QUEST END Pilot Stonegear REWARDS 675 XP TIPS/STRATEGIES Stonegear needs some more comfort in his steam tank. You will need 8 Wendigo Manes from any of the Wendigos at the Grizzled Den. You can do this quest at level 5, but the adult wendigos are stronger at level 6-7, so be careful to not fight them if you're level 5. Also, they're aggressive, so be aware of that as well. The mane is quite a common drop, about 75% by my estimation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 5 NAME Stocking Jetsteam - Part 1D QUEST GIVER Pilot Bellowfiz QUEST END Pilot Bellowfiz REWARDS 675XP TIPS/STRATEGIES Now, Bellowfiz is more practical. You don't need comfort if you're dying from hunger and cold. Anyways, he needs 4 Chunks of Boar Meat and 2 Thick Bear Furs. You can find them off any of the Bears and Boars around. They are NOT quest items, so you can buy them from other people. I'm not sure if the Thick Bear Furs aren't quest items though. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 6 NAME Ammo for Rumbleshot QUEST GIVER Loslor Rudge QUEST END Hegnar Rumbleshot REWARDS 550 XP TIPS/STRATEGIES Rumbleshot needs some ammo for his crew. The first messenger got lost and forgot the ammo, so you'll need to get it. If you've explored the area around the Grizzled Den and have it on your map, check it. You'll see a little tent in the center of the Grizzled Den. From there, look around and you should see another small camp not featured on the map. That's where the ammo is. Once you get it, follow the road heading back towards Coldridge Valley until you find Rumbleshot. Give him the ammo and his crew will go to work. You should stay and watch the mortar team :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 6 NAME Beer Basted Boar Ribs QUEST GIVER Ragnar Thunderbrew QUEST END Ragnar Thunderbrew REWARDS 625 XP Beer Basted Boar Ribs X 5 Recipe: Beer Basted Boar Ribs TIPS/STRATEGIES Yay a cooking quest! I'm mastering cooking (Or at least trying to) with my Paladin. Anyways, this should be your first quest. You'll need 6 Crag Boar Ribs and 1 Rhapsody Malt. You can buy the Rhapsody Malt from the someone inside the inn. The Crag Boar Ribs are dropped by any Crag Boar except the ones in Coldridge Valley. The drop rate seems really low to me, about 30% of the time. But since they aren't quest items, someone could get them for you or you could buy them from someone. Otherwise, I would reccommend you kill all the Crag Boars and Elder Crag Boars. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 6 NAME Bitter Rivals - Part 1E QUEST GIVER Marleth Barleybrew QUEST END Unguarded Thunderbrew Ale Barrel REWARDS 250 XP TIPS/STRATEGIES This is one of my favorite quests. The Brewnall's are jealous of the Thunderbrew's good buisness in Kharanos. So, they want you to switch their barrel of ale with one of Thunderbrew's barrels. Either the barrel of ale is horrible or it's so good people will go to Brewnall for ale. Anyways, you should head back to Kharanos and go to the inn. Buy a drink for the guard downstairs and he'll leave for a little. Switch the barrels and you can leave or watch him finish talking. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 6 NAME Return to Marleth - Part 2E - End QUEST GIVER Marleth Barleybrew QUEST END Unguarded Thunderbrew Ale Barrel REWARDS 650 XP TIPS/STRATEGIES Just return to Marleth in Brewnall Village. You'll get some decent XP. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 7 NAME Evershine - Part 2D QUEST GIVER Pilot Bellowfiz QUEST END Rejold Barleybrew REWARDS 140 XP TIPS/STRATEGIES Bellowfiz wants some special ale from Rejold Barleybrew in Brewnall Village. To get there, head west from Kharanos through the vally and to the lake. Once you get there, talk to Rejold Barleybrew. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 8 NAME A Favor for Evershine - Part 3D QUEST GIVER Rejold Barleybrew QUEST END Rejold Barleybrew REWARDS 525 XP TIPS/STRATEGIES Apparently they need some animals killed. 8 Elder Crag Boars, 8 Snow Leopards, and 5 Ice Claw Bears. They wander all around that place, so just kill them all. Watch out for the Bears though. They have the Ice Claw attack, which can weaken you enough for another monster to finish. Try not to attrach too many of the monsters onto you at once. Leopards are dangerous to casters as they attack pretty fast. Just kill them quickly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 8 NAME Return to Bellowfiz - Part 4D - End QUEST GIVER Rejold Barleybrew QUEST END Pilot Bellowfiz REWARDS 875 XP Sharp Axe or Camping Knife or Gnarled Short Staff TIPS/STRATEGIES Now that you have the Evershine, return to Bellowfiz. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 9 NAME The Perfect Stout - Part 1F QUEST GIVER Rejold Barleybrew QUEST END Rejold Barleybrew REWARDS 875 XP TIPS/STRATEGIES Barleybrew wants to experiment with Troll drugs. He needs some Shimmerweed, which you can find on the mountain to the east (forgot its name) On the mountain, you can either slay Frostmane Seers or grab it from the Shimmerweed baskets. I reccommend the baskets, as the drop rate isn't all too high. Once you clear the immediate area, grab the baskets and the chest there and bail for Brewnall. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 9 NAME Shimmer Stout - Part 2F QUEST GIVER Rejold Barleybrew QUEST END Mountaineer Barleybrew REWARDS 420 XP TIPS/STRATEGIES Now that you have the Shimmerstout, he wants his brother to try it. His brother is stationed at the southern guard tower to the far east. In fact, the tower is in the southeastern area of Dun Morogh. You should do this when you finish everything else in Dun Morogh so you don't have to spend time backtracking. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quest Checklist Tools for Steelgrill The Grizzled Den Stocking Jetsam - Part 1D Ammo for Rumbleshot Beer Basted Boar Ribs Bitter Rivals - Part 1E Return to Marleth - Part 2E - End Evershine - Part 2D A Favor for Evershine - Part 3D Return to Bellowfiz - Part 4D - End The Perfect Stout - Part 1F Shimmer Stout - Part 2F


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