Randomize Your Emotes

[relConBox] <span style='color:#FFD700'> 1. <a href="#sectional1">Randomizing Comment Sent to Chat</a> 2. <a href="#sectional2">Randomizing Emote Sent to Voice</a></span> <h1><span style='color:#FFD700'><font size="3"><span class="Headline">1. <a id="sectional1">Randomizing Comment Sent to Chat</a></font></span></span></h1><p><font size="2"> To randomly say any particular type of chat comment in the game there are various choices to make. [INDENT]1. What % of random chance do you want a particular comment to have each comment have the same %. 2. How many random comments do you want to select from. 3. Which actual WoW chat channel do you want this broadcast into.[/INDENT] In the following example random(5) will "roll" a number between 1 and 5. There will be a chance that 20% of the time it'll say "say1" and 20% of the time it'll say "say2" and the rest of the time it will not say anything. </font></p> [INDENT]<span style='color:#33CCCC'><font size='2'>/script x=random(5);if(x==1)then SendChatMessage("say1","SAY","COMMON"); elseif (x==2)then SendChatMessage("say2","SAY","COMMON");end </span></font>[/INDENT]<h1><span style='color:#FFD700'><font size="3"><span class="Headline">2. <a id="sectional2">Randomizing Emote Sent to Voice</a></font></span></span></h1><p><font size="2"> The following Random voice emote script will send a voice command and the associated emote to the emote channel naming your target as the recipient of the emote. In this example the laugh emote will include the targets name but the train emote will not do this. So replace witha suitable emote if you want that action. </font></p>[INDENT]<span style='color:#33CCCC'><font size='2'>/cast Eviscerate(Rank 8) /script x==random(5);if(x==1)then DoEmote("laugh",("target")) elseif (x==2) then DoEmote("train",("target")); </span></font>[/INDENT]


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