[relConBox] <span style='color:#FFD700'><font size="2"> 1. <a href="#sectional1">Basic Self Bandage Macro that re-targets enemy</a> 2. <a href="#sectional2">Bandage Party Member if not Bandage Yourself</a></span> <h1><span style='color:#FFD700'><font size="3"><span class="Headline">1. <a id="sectional1">Basic Self Bandage Macro that re-targets enemy</a></font></span></span></h1> <p><font size="2"> This macro allows you to target yourself, bandage your self and re-target last enemy. The example below requires bandage item to be placed in bag#3 slot#3.</font></p> [INDENT]<span style='color:#33CCCC';font="2"> /target YourNameHere /script UseContainerItem(3,3); /script TargetLastEnemy(); </span> i.e. /target Aljah /script UseContainerItem(3,3); /script TargetLastEnemy(); [/INDENT] <h1><span style='color:#FFD700'><font size="3"><span class="Headline"> 2. <a id="sectional2">Bandage Party Member if not Bandage Yourself</a></font></span></span></h1> <p><font size="2"> Okay A more complex but more versatile macro for bandaging a friend in your party. If the target is not a member of your party or not a friend then it will automatically bandage you. This way no need for multiple macros on your hot bar for bandaging. You still have to target the party member you want bandaged via F2-F5 keys or mouse select an out of party friend. In this example the bandages have to be in bag#4 and Slot#1.</p> [INDENT]<span style='color:#33CCCC';'font=2'> /script if (UnitName("target")~nil and UnitInParty("target")) then UseContainerItem(4,1) else TargetUnit("player") UseContainerItem(4,1) TargetLastEnemy(); end;</span>[/INDENT] </font>


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