Feed Your Pets

[relConBox] <font size="2">Feed pet macro as posted by Malakie <a href="http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?fn=wow-interface-customization&t=2739&p=2">Here</a> This will feed your pet without having to open your bag and click food. You can choose any bag and slot. But once chossen you must have your pets food in that slot otherwise the macro will not work. In this case the (4,6) refers to Bag #4 and its slot #6. [INDENT]<span style='color:#33CCCC'>/cast Feed Pet /script PickupContainerItem (4,6);</span>[/INDENT] Or this script [INDENT]<span style='color:#33CCCC'>/script if (not PlayerFrame.inCombat) then if (not GetContainerItemLink(4, 1)) then OpenBag(4); else CastSpellByName("Feed Pet"); PickupContainerItem(4, 1); end end</span>[/INDENT] </font>


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