Toggle All Bags Open

[relConBox] <font size="2">You could use the toggle bag open/close button (Shift+B). Some people like a macro button for this because you can program specifically which bags open. The script below opens all bags including ammo bags if you configure it that way. The 5th Bag (ToggleBag(4)) is my quiver so I eliminate it from the script and therefore I do not open the quiver when all I want to do is look in my bag. This is the only advantage to using this macro/script. [INDENT]<font color="#00CCFF">/script ToggleBag (0); </font>(this is the back Pack) <font color="#00CCFF">/script ToggleBag (1); /script ToggleBag (2); /script ToggleBag (3); /script ToggleBag (4); </font>(this is my quiver so I omit this line from my Macro)</font>[/INDENT]


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