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<html><body> [relConBox]<font size="2">1. <a href="#sectional1">Fast Quest Text Scrolling With Message</a> 2. <a href="#sectional2">Fast Quest Text Scrolling Without Message</a> Ever been killed recieving a quest from an NPC? Ever had a team mate share a quest with you and the quest box closed before the text wrote out and you could accept because your teammate ran out of range once he shared it? Use these to end that frustration. <html><body><span style='color:#FFD700'><font size="3"><span class="Headline">1. <a id="sectional1">Fast Quest Scrolling With Message</a></font></span></span> <p>As posted by <span><b style="COLOR: #ffac04">Jeemana <a href="">Here</a></b></span></p><p>This macro turns on/off fast text scrolling. Keep in mind the macro will have to be run each time you load the game since the state of the variable is not saved and by default will always be on, which means slow quest text. This version actually puts up prompts in your client that the fast text has been enabled or disabled, and you need to click an Okay button to continue.</p> [INDENT]<p><span style="color:#33CCCC">/script if(QUEST_FADING_ENABLE) then QUEST_FADING_ENABLE = nil; message("Fast Quest Text Enabled") else QUEST_FADING_ENABLE =1; message("Fast Quest Text Disabled") end</span>[/INDENT] <span style='color:#FFD700'><font size="3"><span class="Headline">1. <a id="sectional2">Fast Quest Text Scrolling Without Message</a></font></span></span> If you prefer to fly blind you can remove the message calls which makes the macro look like this instead: [INDENT]<p><span style="color:#33CCCC">/script if(QUEST_FADING_ENABLE) then QUEST_FADING_ENABLE = nil else QUEST_FADING_ENABLE = 1 end [/INDENT] </span></font><br> </body> </html>


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