Mr Kiggles

Hello everybody. I am Mr Kiggles. And I write all the quest guides/zone lores/towns in each area (listed below). Though I've only got a few done at the moment, I'm working on it! It takes a while. But if anyone out there is willing to help by, let's say, sending in a complete NPC list... well, it would be great. :D Yeah, anyways, I live in the Beaverton, Oregon, USA. I go to Westview High School, supposedly biggest in the state. But that doesn't mean best, just biggest. You know, like... pudding. Well, here's my current plans on what to do. I may (most likely) not follow it. Future Changes: Adding in maps of zones that I complete Adding in NPC Lists once I have found time (Discontinued for now) Finishing up high-level quests Anyone who plays on Gurubashi, my char is Kiggles (60 Undead). So you can like, message me, or just like, pwn me in AV or something... I always get one-shot there, it gets frustrating and boring after the 10th time with 2 kills. Of course, Dismissed FTW! By the way, I've been seeing a few culprits using my great and beautiful name on other servers... I mean, I know Kiggles is a sexy name and it attracts the ladies, but no need to steal! Currently Completed: By completed, of course, I mean mostly everything but the NPC List. Eastern Kingdoms: Elwynn Forest Dun Morogh Redridge Mountains The Wetlands Kalimdor: Durotar Mulgore Darkshore Well, that's it in a nutshell. If you want to contact me... Email:


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