Bag Numbers & Slots-Inventory Numbering

V<font size="2">isual aids are better than a 1K words in this situation. When using a command such as the example below the numbers in parethesis (4,1) refer to your bag(4) and slot (1). Always the bag # will be first and the Slot # second. When playing Aljahbar the mage I placed my food in (4,1) and conjured water in (4,2). [INDENT]EXAMPLE: <font size="2"><span style='color:#33CCCC'>/script UseContainerItem(4,1); /script Use ContainerItem(4,2); </font></span>[/INDENT]
Bag Numbering [[imgid=65] Back Pack [imgid=66] 8 Slot Bag [imgid=68] 10 Slot Bag [imgid=67] </font>


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