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[class=contenttext] Azzor is always dedicated to making your online game experience better, one feature at a time. Toward this end, we allow you to get all of our latest news in every section of the site delivered to you in industry-standard RSS feeds. We have two different types of RSS feeds available to you: Azzor RSS and Blizzard RSS. The Blizzard RSS feed is a revolutionary feature in the fansite world. Every hour, our special crawler visits, the official WoW homepage, and gets their latest headlines. This news is displayed on our homepage, but you too can get it into your favorite RSS reader, like Trillian Pro for Windows or Safari RSS for Mac OS X. This feed can also be accessed by your own guild site with little to no work on your end! See our website page for more information. The Azzor RSS feed has the latest headlines from, and we often find more info than other WoW fansites. We encourage you to see our news reporting in action and put this RSS feed into your reader. We also encourage you to put it on your own guild site, just as with the feed above. These two feeds are run by Metziel and Volon respectively. Metziel can be reached on the forums and at Volon can be reached on the forums. [/class] [class=headline]Get Started![/class] [class=contenttext] You can find our RSS feed at: You can find our RSS feed at: [/class] Visit our website page to get these feeds put on to your website! <hr> Back to World of Warcraft Azzor


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