Redridge Mountains

A Guide to Redridge Mountains Written by Mr Kiggles 1. <a href = "#section1">Overview of Redridge Mountains</a> 2. <a href = "#section2">General Quest Guide</a> 3. <a href = "#section3">NPC List</a> 4. <a href = "#section4">Map of Redridge Mountains</a> 5. <a href = "#section5">Contact Info</a> [CLASS=Headline]1. <a id = "section1">Overview of Redridge Mountains</a>[/CLASS] The Redridge Mountains protected Stormwind's eastern border from Blackrock Spire, where the Blackrock Orcs, led by Warchief Blackhand, have created their fortress. Many battles have, and still do, take place within Redridge. Recently, the Orcs under Rend have settled within the Redridge Mountains. They have many camps and launch constant attacks against Lakeshire. Even the fortified fortress of Stonewatch fell to them. The Redridge Mountains have earned their name aptly. There are lots of mountains, they have red ridges. Simple as that. A giant lake lies in the center of the mountains. Places of Interest: Stonewatch is a very interesting location. There, two Orc chiefs wait. Gath'llzogg and Tharill'zun. They hold the broken keep in an iron fist, but many adventurers constantly attempt to break that hold. Rend's Camp, an Orc camp in the northwest, also houses many Blackrock Orcs. They hold Rend's Rock, which is a cave where their champions hone their skills. Corporal Keeshan, a captured Alliance soldier, is rumored to be kept within the rock. [INDENT]- Lakeshire (Alliance): This is a full-fledged town, with a General and Trade Goods vendors, a flight master, and an Inn. No trainers. Level 35 Guards. [/INDENT] Graveyards: There is only 1 graveyard in Redridge Mountains, and it lies just south of Lakeshire. PvP Listing: Contested Territory Minerals: Copper, Tin, Silver, Rethban Ore Herbs: Mageroyal, Briarthorn, Bruiseweed [CLASS=Headline]2. <a id = "section2">General Quest Guide</a>[/CLASS] The Three Corners: Coming from the west, or south, you'll arrive at the Three Corners. Find Guard Parker and recieve his quest; an easy 2 silver. Follow the road northeast, reaching the bridge. Turn in the quest and grab the existing ones. Also, grab the flight path. Head across the bridge to Lakeshire. Once you're level 20, return to the Tower of Azora and visit Theocritus. This is an often missed quest. Lakeshire: Speak with the blacksmith, who wants you to deliver a package to Goldshire. We should just finish that now, as he has continuing quests. Set your hearthstone to Lakeshire. Fly to Stormwind or walk to Goldshire, then deliver the letter. Warp back, and turn in the package. Now, let's begin in ernest. Find all avalible quests and make a mental note of which ones you have. Now, to begin. Let's start with the Gnolls, but remember to get the Goulash quest and the Dragon Underbelly Scale quest. Head south and slaughter the beasts for the ingrediants of the goulash, then reach the Gnoll camps. Slay them all. Now, head slightly east and find a bunch of Black Dragon Whelps. Find all the required scales, then return. Now, to so the quests in the lake. First, you'll need to gather the tools. Then, go kill the Murlocs. The tools are on the L in Lake Everstil, on the map. Just dive all the way down. You should have 2 quests for the Murloc killing. One is for the Spotted Sunfish, the other for their Fins. The Fins are normal items and you can buy them from other players, but the fish aren't. You COULD fish for them, but that requires a lot of time and high fishing level. I never fish myself, so I'll go forward as if you're killing the Murlocs for them. Once you have them all, return the quests. To Rend's Camp: More quests now... grab the ones requiring the Orcish Battle-worn axes, and the ones requiring parts for the bridge, and the last one requiring killing Gnoll Brutes and Mystics. Head north and do so, slaying the Gnolls. Easy enough. Grab the required pikes and rivets, then return them both. Now to head to Rend's Camp; but first, you'll need to get the quest to slay 15 Blackrock Champions. Head north, following the road. Watch out for the big rocks; usually, Orcs hide behind them. As in NPC Orcs. Usually 2 or 3. So stay away. Once you reach Rend's Camp, slay the Renegades and Shadowmages. Fight your way into Rend's Rock. From there, slay the Champions and fight further in. Stay on the left side, always taking left turns. Keep following the path until you reach the little pool. Get across the pool and into that little hole. Corporal Keeshan awaits in there. "Escort" him out. He'll do most of the fighting for you. Now, return to Lakeshire WITH THE CORPORAL, and you're done with Rend! To deal with Howler: Follow the canyons, heading northwest. He is at a camp with a bunch of Gnolls in the northwestern part of the canyons. Very easy to kill, I even soloed this one. No problem at all. Stonewatch: Now, for all the Elite level quests. You'll need the quests for: Gath'llzogg Tharil'zun Shadow Orbs Shadowhide Pendants Fangore Also, an optional one is the one from the Tower of Azora. If you've visited there at level 20, you'll have the quest to place the glyph. Head east from Lakeshire, following the north road. Once you pass Alther's Mill, you'll see Stonewatch. The broken keep. And lots of elite Orcs. Now, you can choose to slay the Gnolls first or the Orcs. I chose the Gnolls, for convienence's sake. You can skip ahead if you want to do Orcs first. Head further east past the Tower of Ilgalar. Find the Old Lion Statue, and place the glyph inside. Now, you'll get a quest to place a glyph inside a pot, within Stonewatch. But let's finish the Gnolls first. Hunting the Gnolls: Watch out for the Rabid ones; they are easy to kill, but can spread Rabies, which are very bad for you. Play defensively, running if you're ounumbered 3 to 1. Easy enough. Fangore has 2 guards and is level 26, but not elite, so that's not too hard. There is a small chance that they will drop a pendant starting a quest that has you return it to the Tower of Azora. Hold onto it until you finish the other quest. Slaying the Orcs: Head up the path, and burst through the defenses. To find Tharil'zun, find the broken gate. Behind the gate, he sits with his drinking buddies. Kill 'em all. Gath'llzogg is at the top of the barracks. Fight through the cramped quarters, making sure no Orc escapes to gather reinforcements. Once you reach the top, Gath and his little pet wait. Kill them all. If you have the quest to place the glyph, head outside the barracks and find the standing watch tower. Fight your way through, looking for a pot or jar. Easy enough. Now, turn in all your quests and head to the Tower of Azora to turn in that quest. We have one last objective... The Tower of Ilgalar: The final, epic battle within Redridge. Are you prepared? Morganth is very powerful, and summons an Abomination to his aid. Be prepared. Clear out the tower first, then buff and heal all your people. Rest up mana, then attack. Have Rogues Sap, and attack the others. Finish them off one at a time, with a tank attracting aggro from healers. Go slowly, and make sure the abomination is dealt with or he will slaughter the healers. Once Morganth is laid to rest, congratulations! Redridge Mountain is freed, sort of, from the evil grasps of the Gnolls! Within 30 minutes, everything will be back like how it was BEFORE you came. Wonderful eh? Where do I go next? Redridge is cleared, and the path to new places awaits: -Go to Duskwood. Duskwood is the most obvious choice, but those tired of Humans and their "oh we're so sad we're dying" storylines can head to other places. -Go to the Wetlands. Has many lower leveled quests, but the higher ones and the Dun Modr ones are a nice challenge. -Go to Ashenvale. I personally dislike Ashenvale, but the land is nice, the scenary is nice, and everything is good. That's all for the General Quest Guide of Redridge Mountains. Refer to each of the specific quest pages for more detailed information. Quest Pages: I have split them all up to include the areas around their town. In Redridge Mountains, I put quests into categories like so: <a href = "">Lakeshire</a> <a href = "'s_camp.php">Rend's Camp</a> <a href = "">Stonewatch and the Tower of Ilgalar</a> [CLASS=Headline]3. <a id = "section3">NPC List</a>[/CLASS] Under construction! Please check back later! [CLASS=Headline]4. <a id = "section4">Map of Redridge Mountains</a>[/CLASS] [IMGID=149] The big version of the map is <a href = "">here</a>. [CLASS=Headline]5. <a id = "section5">Contact Info</a>[/CLASS] Please send me an email if you have found: Typo NPC I missed XP Amount for completing a quest Quest item is placed wrongly Quest item is missing Quest is not found Quest is placed twice or in wrong level order Quest is not linked, though it should be My email is: Thanks for reading the guide. Please send any comments or suggesstions for improving this guide. Back to World of Warcraft Zones


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