A Guide to Westfall Written by Mr Kiggles 1. <a href = "#section1">Overview of Westfall</a> 2. <a href = "#section2">General Quest Guide</a> 3. <a href = "#section3">NPC List</a> 4. <a href = "#section4">Map of the Westfall</a> 5. <a href = "#section5">Contact Info</a> [CLASS=Headline]1. <a id = "section1">Overview of Westfall</a>[/CLASS] Westfall was the greatest farming land in all of the Eastern Kingdoms, producing enough food and grain for all of Azeroth. As the Wars went on, and bandits invaded Westfall, the Army of Stormwind was withdrawn from Westfall and brought back to Stormwind and the Redridge Mountains. Westfall became the headquarters of the Defias Brotherhood, and it seemed that they had control over the land. However, not all was lost, as the People's Militia was formed to protect the inhabitants of Westfall, and to combat the Brotherhood. Sentinel Hill, a small town formed around an old watch tower, became the headqurters of the People's Militia. The once-fertile farm land of Westfall was spoiled and lost as the Brotherhood trampled the lands under their feet. Westfall has the traditional farm land look: yellow, with fields of grain, and produce. Lots of dead trees litter the land, and rolling hills are seen where farm fields are not. Places of Interest: Westfall is choked-full of lore and game interesting points. In the southwestern corner of Westfall, there is an abandoned lighthouse. The family was slain by murderous Murlocs and now, it is haunted by the ghost of a dead captain. And constantly, he seeks to help others avoid his fate... Moonbrook was a village that was abandoned and turned into a Defias hideout. Hiding in the back of Moonbrook is the entrance to the Deadmines. The Deadmines themselves have little history. It was once the most productive mine in all of Azeroth, but when the Defias took over, VanCleef set up his main camp there, deep within the Deadmines. Using Goblins and even a Murlock as his cook :eek: VanCleef plans the downfall of Stormwind and the corrupt nobles. [INDENT]- Sentinel Hill (Alliance): A full-fledged town, with General and Trade Vendors, a flight master, and an Inn. No trainers. Level 30 guards. [/INDENT] Graveyards: There is 1 graveyard in Westfall. The graveyard is outside Sentinel Hill. PvP Listing: Alliance Territory Minerals: Copper and Tin are the major veins within Westfall, although there is also a few Silver veins. Also, there may be Iron. Herbs: Westfall has few herbs, but higher level ones than Elwynn Forest. [CLASS=Headline]2. <a id = "section2">General Quest Guide</a>[/CLASS] The Farmlands: As you enter Westfall, from Elwynn Forest, make sure to grab the quests from the two farmers on the side of the road. The farmstead right next to them will not fulfil any of the quest requirements, so head to the Saldean farm to the southwest. Once there, turn in one quest, grab the others. You can do Killing Fields now, but I believe that they are too high level, so continue south to reach Sentinel Hill. Abandoned Cause Here, at Sentinel Hill, you should get the easy things out of the way. Turn in your exisiting quests, do the famed flying quest, and then grab all avalible quests. Now, you should have plenty to choose from. Pick the Defias one, and look to the northwest. There should be a graveyard, and a large cliff. Behind that cliff is a Defias camp. You can kill two birds with one stone here; finish the first part of The People's Militia and Red Leather Bandanas in the process. Do so, and then gather the required Boar and Condor parts for your Westfall Stew, and Goretusk Liver Pie. Oily Fields Now for Killing Fields. If you've already completed this, make sure to keep 5 Flasks of Oil handy for another quest. Kill 20 of the Harvest Watchers, grab the Oil, then head southwest to the lighthouse. Drudge up the next People's Militia and do that on the way south as well. Finish that, and reach the lighthouse. The Lighthouse There are three quests here, one of which you should be able to finish immediately with the 5 Flasks of Oil. The other requires you to fight through the whole shore, all the way to the northeast corner, to get the Murloc Raiders. All four varieties live along the beach, and you'll need seven of each. Play safely, and you'll be able to easily do it. If you are lucky, Captain Sander's Treasure Map will drop, and you can do that as well. Finally, Old Murk-Eye. He is a level 20 Elite, and is very tough to solo, so of course, bring some friends! Slay him, and head back to Sentinel Hill. The Last of the Brotherhood Well, now head back to Sentinel Hill, and turn in your People's Militia quest. Grab the next one and head to the Dagger Hills, just south of Moonbrook. Also, hunt down the Gnolls to the east of them for your other quest. Once you finish these, return to Westfall, and begin your trek to Redridge to meet with Wiley the Black. This will begin your trek into the Deadmines, one of the best instances in my opinion. Once you reach Lakeshire, grab the flight path, meet with Wiley in the inn, and simply fly back to Westfall. Returning to Gryan Stoutmantle, begin the next part by meeting with Master Mathias Shaw of SI: 7. He is in the Old Town, in the southeast corner. Now for the tough part. Return to Gryan, and begin the hunt for the Defias Messenger. He wanders from Moonbrook to Jangolode Mine, along the road. The best thing to do is gather a party, and spread out. Have one person camp Jangolode Mine, one person at the Gold Coast Quarry, one person patrol the road, and finally have one person at Moonbrook. An easy way to do this is to just wait at Moonbrook, but it could take a while for him to show. Luckily, if some other group kills him, he will eventually respawn at Moonbrook. Once you grab the message, return to Gryan, and escort the betrayer to Moonbrook. He will show you the entrance to the Deadmines, at which you must return to Gryan again. I get tired of all the running too, but still. It's worth it. Now, for the fun part. Gather your party, and venture down into the Deadmines. Find the blue portal, and begin your infamous quest to rid the land of VanCleef. Look for a more detailed guide of the Deadmines at <a href = "http://wow.azzor.com/57/deadmines.php">here</a>. Once the Deadmines is cleansed of the Defias thugs, Westfall is saved! This golden land is finished, and now you need a new place on your quest for perfection. Quest Pages: In Westfall, I've put the quests under 3 different categories. Sentinel Hill and Central Westfall Moonbrook and the Lighthouse The Northern Wilds Where do I go next? Westfall can vary in the level that it brings you to. However, there are still a few nice choices to take. -Go to the Redridge Mountains. The ideal choice, it is a good place to level up. However, I feel that most of the quests there require a higher level than most average players coming out of Westfall are. Still, if you are up for a fun challenge, Redridge the is way to go. -Go to Ashenvale. A good choice in level range, but far away and the journey is long and hard. -Go to the Stonetalon Mountains. Much like Ashenvale, except it is harder to reach. Beward of Horde! That's all for the General Quest Guide of Westfall. Refer to each of the specific quest pages for more detailed information. [CLASS=Headline]3. <a id = "section3">NPC List</a>[/CLASS] Under construction! Please check back later! [CLASS=Headline]4. <a id = "section4">Map of Westfall</a>[/CLASS] [IMGID=164] The big version of the map is <a href = "http://wow.azzor.com/gallery/?act=full&pid=165">here</a>. [CLASS=Headline]5. <a id = "section5">Copyright/Contact Info</a>[/CLASS] Please send me an email if you have found: Typo NPC I missed XP Amount for completing a quest Quest item is placed wrongly Quest item is missing Quest is not found Quest is placed twice or in wrong level order Quest is not linked, though it should be My email is: mrkiggles@gmail.com Thanks for reading the guide. Please send any comments or suggesstions for improving this guide. Back to World of Warcraft Zones


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