1. Overview of Desolace 2. General Quest Guide 3. NPC List 4. Contact Info 1. Overview of Desolace A beautiful and deadly area, Desolace is a painful reminder of events long passed. Once a lush and vibrant land, The Sundering blasted the fields and old Elven cities here, leaving only Salt flats teaming with deadly beasts and the gracefully decaying ruins of the ancient Elven cities. Centaur, another throwback to those dark days, own this area, and fight constantly, goblin profiteers try to wrest ancient resources from the earth, and far to the south, demons remain a constant reminder of the tragedy of The Sundering. Desolace is often overlooked by players, but some very nice quests, including one chain that takes you into the depths of the Scarlet Monastery and gives a VERY nice reward for warriors/Paladin for the alliance, and a long chain that gives some nice XP. Minerals are not incredibly abundant, but Iron is common enough, and some Mithril can be found, one of the lowest-level zones to feature Mithril not locked up deep in a cave or 'mini-dungeon'. The mobs range from low 30s (32 or so) up to 42s in the Valley of Spears. - Nigil's Point(Alliance): A small town, with a gryphon, a central plaza with some quest-givers, a few vendors and an inn... for most of your serious shopping and training you'll need to go back to a major city (Theramoore and Gadgetztan both connect to the Point by gryphon for alliance) but it's good for a 'pit stop'. - Magram Village (neutral/hostile): Home to the Magram centaur, if you choose to ally yourself with the Magram and bring them into The Alliance, then this will be where you take the quests and perform the tasks to do so. If you choose to ally with the Gelkis, you're going to have to fight the Magram to prove your worth, on many occasions. The large cluster of huts to the southwest has their Khan, in case you need to talk to, or kill, him. -Gelkis Village: Home to the Gelkis Centaur, sworn enemies of the Magram, if you choose to ally yourself with them, then here you will take your quests, if you allied with the Magram, then here is where you must do your killing to prove your worth to their nemesis clan. The large tent by the hills on the northwest side has the quest-giver. Near here there is also a passage to Feralas, to the south. -Kodo Graveyard: A spooky place, where ancient and ailing Kodo go to die, filled with dangerous carrion birds. A few quests take you here, one from the goblin camp directly east of the graveyard, and another from the small goblin camp north (look for the piles of bones!) A solitary goblin camp on the south rim of the graveyard has a few quests related to it, an escort out of the Valley of spears and a kill/collect mission to the Valley of Bones. -Valley of Spears: Surrounding the ancient underground city (and instance, coincidentally) of Mauraudon, the Maradine Centaur rule this area with an iron fist. The toughest of all the centaur clans (at level 38-42) their Khan is the ultimate target of the Gelkis centaur expansion efforts. Mithril spawns here, and there is an escort quest to free a captured goblin from their clutches. It's also not a bad spot for a low-40 level character to grind. Graveyards: Near the Kodo graveyard. (fits, eh?) PvP Listing: Contested Territory Minerals: Copper still shows up on rare occasion in areas this high, as does the occasional vein of tin... but the REAL attraction is iron, as well as mithril, while not as abundant as, say, Thousand Needles, it still has a fair deal, and most of it is out in the open. Herbs:


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