The Barrens

A Guide to the Barrens Written by Mr Kiggles 1. <a href = "#section1">Overview of the Barrens</a> 2. <a href = "#section2">General Quest Guide</a> 3. <a href = "#section3">NPC List</a> 4. <a href = "#section4">Map of the Barrens</a> 5. <a href = "#section5">Contact Info</a> [CLASS=Headline]1. <a id = "section1">Overview of the Barrens</a>[/CLASS] The Barrens was where Thrall landed first upon Kalimdor. Heading inland, he met with Cairne Bloodhoof and the Bloodhoof Tribe, which was heading south to Mulgore. He helped them fight off the Centaur and move westward towards Mulgore, then he headed north towards Stonetalon Mountains. After the defeat of the Burning Legion, Thrall moved with his Orcs to Orgrimmar and Carine moved with his Tauren to Thunderbluff. To keep in easier touch, Camp Taurajo and the Crossroads were constructed, along with a few sets of guard towers and gates around the Barrens. The Barrens are not really like their name suggests. The Barrens are not really barren. You'll always see some animal here or there, or some monster or some weird... thing. Anyways, most of the Barrens is desert and sand, with a few oasises and some giant thorns sticking out of the ground. Places of Interest: The Barrens is quite drab and dull. Not much of interest here; expect much of the same desert or dirt as you walk. However, I would like to point out a few. Northwatch Hold is quite an interesting place. Many Horde players just do that one quest there and leave it forever, but others from earlier times will remember how they were planning to use Northwatch Hold as a place where Alliance troops landed and actually attacked the Crossroads. I don't know if that actually ever happened, but it was planned. The entrance to Warsong Gulch, the 10v10 CTF Battleground between the Barrens and Ashenvale. Fast-paced and quick fun. Refer to the Cry of the Warsong part for more information. [INDENT]- The Crossroads (Horde): This is a full-fledged town, with a General and Trade Goods vendors, a flight master, and an Inn. No trainers. Level 40 Guards. - Camp Taurajo (Horde): As a small town, it has no flight master. However, there is an Inn and there are Skinner/Leatherworker trainers. Level 40 guards. - Far Watch Post (Horde): Far Watch Post is basically a garrison of soldiers that guard the border of the Barrens/Durotar. - Mor'shan Rampart (Horde): Another garrison of soldiers that guard the border of the Barrens/Ashenvale. - Ratchet (Steamwheedle Cartle): Almost a full-fledged town, it includes an Inn and a Bank, but no flight path. This town belongs to the Steamwheedle Cartle. Level 55 guards. [/INDENT] Graveyards: There are 3 graveyards in the Barrens. One is outside the Crossroads. The other is outside Camp Taurajo. The final one is outside Ratchet. However, it often seems buggy to me, and sometimes spawns me at the Crossroads one when I die in Ratchet. Very strange indeed... PvP Listing: Horde Territory Minerals: Herbs: [CLASS=Headline]2. <a id = "section2">General Quest Guide</a>[/CLASS] Orgrimmar Recruitment: This applies if you are coming from Durotar. Basically, Orcs/Trolls/Undead going into the Barrens. You'll come across the Far Watch Post, where you should turn in your recruitment letter. If you're a Warrior, gain the quest from the Orc off to the side. Now, head southwest. Following the path, pass the quilboar encampments and reach the Crossroads. Skip the next part, and continue onto The Crossroads. Trek from Mulgore: The Tauren, heading from the south, will have a much longer trek. First, reach Camp Taurajo and turn in the quest. He'll send you north towards the Crossroads. Follow the path, and do not stray. The monsters in the Southern Barrens are very tough, at levels 18-24. Just avoid them and keep running; you'll make it. The Crossroads: Remember to grab the flight path, but make sure you get your delivery quest first. For Orcs/Trolls, it's the meat vendor. For Tauren, it's one of the blacksmiths. Anyways, you'll have to fly back to your city and that quest. Finish that first, and them walk around and gather quests. The first should require Plainstrider Beaks, which you will do first. But remember to get all the other ones, including hunting the Raptors and getting their heads, and the Crossroads supplies, and killing the quilboars. Start with the Giant Plainstriders, killing as many as you can. Once you get enough beaks, turn it in. Get the zhevra quest. Head northeast to the quilboar encampments. Slay the required quilboars while looking for the pile of brown, wooden boxes. They are the supplies. Now, return these quests and grab the harpy quest from the Orc in the tower. Grab the quests from the Undead near the flight master. There should be two. First, head southeast, towards the Oasis. Avoid the monsters and jump into the lake. Grab the mushrooms when no centaurs are around, and then head northeast from there to Ratchet. Enter: Steamwheedle Cartle: This is the neutral port-town of Ratchet. Not many Alliance pass through here, but you can never be too careful. They cannot attack you unless your PvP Flag is turned on, since this is Horde Territory. Anyways, head to the docks and turn in your quest. Grab the Samophlange quest, and the WANTED poster. Head a bit north and enter the house to talk to Gazlowe. Grab his quests and head around the town, gathering all you can. But you won't do those yet; head back to the Crossroads. On the Way Back: On the way back to the Crossroads, kill as many Raptors and Zhevras as you can see. You'll need to collect the required items, and then return. It'll save much walking time, as you'll spend a lot of your time walking within the Barrens. A long, long time. Expect to spend more than a few hours in this place. And I mean game time, not real-life time, which includes food breaks and sleeping and such. The Crossroads: Second Visit: Return the mushrooms, the raptors, the zhevra. Easy enough to do that. Grab the next ones in the series, which is returning the silver, the lions, and bringing the mushrooms to Thunderbluff. The last one, which is to bring the mushrooms there, may be done later if you're an Orc/Troll, but Tauren can do it easily. See, it takes a long time to run from the Crossroads to Thunderbluff. Now, I did it, but if you don't want to waste a lot of time running there, then you can just skip it. The potions are very helpful though. Now, you should have the second quilboar slaying quest, and you must kill Kreenig. That one is pretty easy. Grab a group and quickly finish it. Returning the quest, head to the south part of the Crossroads and get the quest to explore the oasis, and the one to find the lost wife. Head to the south, back to the bridge you crossed. As a Tauren, you should remember it. If you don't know about it, then just follow it south. From the bridge, look for the Tauren huts. That's where the wife is. Once you tell him the sad news, head to the sea port of Ratchet; these quests ay be going into the low greens, so it is best to finish them now. The Reputation of a Hero: Ratchet... I always liked this place. I don't know why. Oh well, onto the work at hand. First, you've got quite a few quests here. Let's start with the obvious, easy ones. Head south, slay the required Pirates, and return to Gazlowe. Now, do the next quest in the line, and find the Baron as well, along with the stolen items. Bring them back. Now, notice how killing one of those Southsea Freebooters grants you a small reputation bonus with Ratchet? You can keep on going, all the way up to 1/2 of Honored. But if the monsters are gray, you'll get almost next to nothing in reputation bonus. Be sure to try this before they turn into gray monsters. You can get quite a lot of reputation this way. Anyways, head north, to the Boulder Lode Mine, and find the Emerald. Head west of Sludge Fen to the Samophlange, and free it. Return to Ratchet, giving the goblin the emerald and banging up the samophlange. Head north, to the Barrens/Ashenvale border, the Mor'shan Rampart, where a goblin can help you. Head to Sludge Fen, freeing the goblin in the shredder and gathering the required items. Return to the goblin at the rampart, then head towards Orgrimmar. The Mechanics Hidden Within Orgrimmar: Easy part. Give the samophlange to the engineer in the Valley of Honor, and then head to the Boulder Lode Mine. Fight your way in, slowly, and get the manual parts and assembly it. Return, and then head towards Ratchet. All For What?: A few measley silver and a small reputation bonus, that's what! Anyways, report about the shredder, and prepare to embark back towards the Crossroads; but first, a few quests to be finished. From Ratchet, head to the oasis and then return to the Crossroads. Grab the next quest, planting the seeds, and do so. Then, return the quest. Grab the next one, for the shells, and head west, following the road. Find the battlesite. Broken Spears, Broken Bones: Here, enter the Orc Burrow and get the two quests. They are to get 15 bracers and to kill a certain kolkar. That centaur is just to the north, in the oasis centaur camp. Do it quickly, and return both of them. Grab the next one, but don't start it yet. Head farther north, to the Dry Hills. The land of the Harpies. Slaying the harpies is easy. Return with your victory to the Crossroads, and gain the next quest. Rinse and repeat. Now that this has been cleared with, finish all of your other buisness, whether it be unfinished quests or learning new skills or training up a profession, and head northwest. The Stonetalon Mountains: Now, you should be going here and finishing all you can here. This place is just perfect, at this level, for now. Once you encounter the orange/red quests, return to the Barrens. I will soon create the Stonetalon Mountains page, but until then, this part is done. Once you've completed your buisness in Stonetalon, fly to the Crossroads, and head to Ratchet. It's time to embark towards the Guns of Northwatch! Northwatch Keep: Fight your way in, keeping in high health and picking your fights wisely. There are enough soldiers here to easily make mincemeat of those unaware. Rogues have an easy time, with their stealth. But other classes should be careful, and cautious. Better safe than sorry, and running from Ratchet all the way to your dead body. But there are 3 targets, all at the top of the towers. If you've got the patience, skill, and the ability to not throw hissy-fits when you die 5 times in a row over the same stupid guard, then you may complete this quest. If you watch the cannoneers long enough, they'll randomly fire a cannonball at something off in the distance. Pretty fun to watch, then kill. With Northwatch under Horde jurisdiction, your time in the Crossroads has come to an end! The northern Barrens have been secure and freed. Now, it is time to tame the southern Barrens. The Great Hunt If you were to head to Ashenvale, you would/should find a multitude of quests avalible for you. The Southern Barrens are quite tough, and if you aren't ready for the challenge yet, Ashenvale is the way to go. However, if your avatar is high enough, then continue on to Camp Taurajo! This part is still under construction! The Cry of the Warsong: Warsong Gulch, lying between Ashenvale and the Barrens, is a Battleground. Warsong Gulch features two bases, one for the Warsong Outriders, and the other for the Silverwing Sentinels, and a 10v10 CTF Match. Refer to the Warsong Gulch Battleground page for more specific information. The Horde entrance is in northern Barrens, west of the Mor'shan Rampart. The red portal leads to the Battleground. Or, you can sign up directly from a city; ask a guard for directions. Quest Pages: Well, for the Barrens, I've split the quest pages as so: The Crossroads and Western Barrens Ratchet and Eastern Barrens Camp Taurajo and the Southern Barrens The Wilds of the Central Barrens Where do I go next? Since, if you followed the guide, you should basically have completed the Barrens and Stonetalon Mountains, you are left with few choices. -Go to Ashenvale. The great hunt calls from then north :) Seriously though, it is the most obvious place to head to next. -Go to Hillsbrad Foothills. Another nice location, though if you are not Undead, you'll have to pass through Silverpine Forest. Or swim. Either way. That's all for the General Quest Guide of the Barrens. Refer to each of the specific quest pages for more detailed information. [CLASS=Headline]3. <a id = "section3">NPC List</a>[/CLASS] Under construction! Please check back later! [CLASS=Headline]4. <a id = "section4">Map of the Barrens</a>[/CLASS] [IMGID=154] The big version of the map is <a href = "">here</a>. [CLASS=Headline]5. <a id = "section5">Contact Info</a>[/CLASS] Please send me an email if you have found: Typo NPC I missed XP Amount for completing a quest Quest item is placed wrongly Quest item is missing Quest is not found Quest is placed twice or in wrong level order Quest is not linked, though it should be My email is: Thanks for reading the guide. Please send any comments or suggesstions for improving this guide. Back to World of Warcraft Zones


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