A Guide to Mulgore Written by Mr Kiggles 1. <a href = "#section1">Overview of Mulgore</a> 2. <a href = "#section2">General Quest Guide</a> 3. <a href = "#section3">NPC List</a> 4. <a href = "#section4">Map of Mulgore</a> 5. <a href = "#section5">Contact Info</a> [CLASS=Headline]1. <a id = "section1">Overview of Mulgore</a>[/CLASS] The grassy plains of Mulgore is where the Tauren made their permanent home. Once nomadic, the Tauren met with Thrall and his Orcs when they landed on Kalimdor. Looking to the Orcs for protection, they saw kindred spirits with honor and power. When Cairne led his people to Mulgore, they came upon what is now called Thunderbluff. They constructed their capital upon Thunderbluff, which is now a center for trade and commerce. Ruling over the Tauren in his old age, Cairne looks one day to hand the mantle of leadership down to his son Baine. Places of Interest: Mulgore, as one of the "newbie" zones, does not have as many true places of interest as later zones. Most of the quests will lead you everywhere across Mulgore, while in later places, there are no quests at all. [INDENT]- Thunderbluff (Horde): As a capital city, it includes everything you'll need. Ask a guard for specific directions! - Bloodhoof Village (Horde): As a small town, it has no flight master. However, there is an Inn within Bloodhoof Village and it also has Warrior, Shaman, Druid and Hunter Trainers. - Red Cloud Mesa (Horde): Red Cloud Mesa is where all Tauren players begin their World of Warcraft experience. It has every trainer that Bloodhoof Village has, but they can only train your character up to level 6 skills. There is no flight master/Inn, but your hearthstone is automatically set there if you start as a Tauren. [/INDENT] Graveyards: There are 2 graveyards in Mulgore. One is within Red Cloud Mesa. The second one is just outside Bloodhoof Village. PvP Listing: Horde Territory Minerals: Copper, Tin Herbs: Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Earthroot [CLASS=Headline]2. <a id = "section2">General Quest Guide</a>[/CLASS] Red Cloud Mesa: In Red Cloud Mesa, you'll be beginning your World of Warcraft Quest, as a Tauren of the Horde. Obviously, you'll be very weak and know only a few techniques and spells. As you begin, talk to the Tauren with the yellow exclamation mark above his head. When they have the exclamation mark, it means that they're offering a quest. Once you have read the quest (or chosen not to), continue into the large hut and speak with the other Tauren with a quest. Now, start heading towards the well to the southeast, killing plainstriders on your way there. The quests are straight-forward and simply involve killing enemies around the mesa or gathering items from their bleeding, gory corpses. Gather as much as you can and sell all you don't need; copper stacks up. If you want a more complete walkthrough, refer to the Mulgore Quest page below. Bloodhoof Village: Now that you've "cleared" Red Cloud Mesa, for now, let's head to the next area. Bloodhoof Village. Once you arrive, you'll notice it says, in yellow on the top of your screen, Explored: Bloodhoof Village. Press M to bring up a map of Mulgore. It shows places you have explored and not explored. Anyways, to begin with quests, turn in your existing one first. Then, grab all the avalible quests in Bloodhoof Village. At least grab the Mazzaranche one and the one to create a water-well cleansing totem. Now, to begin your task of collecting. Have all your quests being tracked, or at least the ones you plan on doing first. I reccommend heading out and gathering the items for the first cleansing totem. Also, gather the Swoop Feathers. It takes a while, but you'll get done. Remember, do the two quests you get from Baine Bloodhoof; those are more complicated, but should be accomplished anyway. Once you have finished as many quests as you want/are at level 7+, head towards Thunderbluff. But be sure to finish the Rites of the Earthmother quest, up to the point where you must talk with Cairne Bloodhoof. This means you'll have visited Red Rocks already to meet the Ancestral Spirit. Thunderbluff: Ah yes, the grand city of Thunderbluff. When I first played, I chose Tauren Shaman. Thunderbluff was so cool, and I spent about 15 minutes just running around the place and retrieving my corpse after jumping off the elevator... anyways, grab the harpy quest, and turn in your Rites quest to Cairne Bloodhoof. Now, to begin the Hunt for Arra'chea. Take the elevator down, noting the Wildmane Well to the north. Head northeast to do the harpy quest and begin hunting Arra'chea. He is, unlike the other kodos, blackish and furry looking. The others are gray and yellow. Now, he wanders. A lot. All around Northern Mulgore. BUT, he mostly wanders around eastern and northern Mulgore, mostly east or north of Thunderbluff. Ask a hunter to help Track Beasts with you, and it'll take less time. Once you find him, unload all you've got; he's level 14. But for a 14, he's not that tough. Now you have another choice. There are 2 animals out in the wild, like Arra'chea, that can give you a quest upon their death. Make sure to have 2 open inventory spaces before beginning this hunt. I call it the Ghost Hunt. Obviously, it was named that because your target is Ghost Howl. He is a wolf that walks around Mulgore, mostly south of Thunderbluff or west of it. Either way, he can spawn in the east (saw it happen once). The second target is actually Mazzaranche. He is an evil, demon-like plainstrider. Scary huh? Yeah, not so scary. Anyways, he wanders mostly just east and west, along a line south of Thunderbluff. I tracked him for about 5 minutes, then got bored and slaughtered him. But there is no real strategy to killing those 2 animals. They wander. No real way to track them down, other than a Hunter. So if you feel like taking the challenge, have fun. It could take either 1 hour to get them or 5 minutes. It's all luck of the draw. Venture Co. Mines: Here we have some special quests for you. Head to the road east of Bloodhoof Village. Find Morin Cloudstalker. He'll give you a quest to explore the Ravaged Caravan. Find it, north of the lake, and open the crate. Then, return to Morin and head to the mines north and slightly east of your position. You might see some level 10 centaurs; ignore them, they have no significant value unless you want to take your rage out on some easy to kill monsters. Anyways, once you reach the mine, you have two objectives. Slaying the Venture Co. Workers and Supervisors, and finding Supervisor Fizsprocket. He's in the large open space, halfway through the mine. There are a bunch of other Supervisors there. Having a group helps. Once you slay him and all the required monsters, return to Morin and turn in your quests. And... you're done! Yes, you're done! Congratulations. Mulgore, although big, is not choked-full with quests. Now, to explore further into the World of Warcraft... Where do I go next? Now, you have a choice. You can either: -Go to the Barrens. The Barrens is the bread-and-butter of Horde at this stage. Even many Undead players abandon Silverpine Forest to come here. Obviously the best choice. -Go to Silverpine Forest. This is the Undead equivilence of the Barrens. Since your reputation with the Undercity is initially Neutral, I would reccommend this to those looking to gain Honored with their undead allies. But to others looking for the path to 60, stick with the Barrens. That's all for the General Quest Guide of Mulgore. Refer to each of the specific quest pages for more detailed information. Quest Pages: All the "newbie" zones have around 3-6 "towns", I have split them all up to include the areas around their town. In Mulgore, I put quests into categories like so: <a href = "">Red Cloud Mesa</a> <a href = "">Bloodhoof Village and Central Mulgore</a> <a href = "">Thunderbluff and Northern Mulgore</a> [CLASS=Headline]3. <a id = "section3">NPC List</a>[/CLASS] Under construction! Please check back later! [CLASS=Headline]4. <a id = "section4">Map of Mulgore</a>[/CLASS] [IMGID=140] The big version of the map is <a href = "">here</a>. [CLASS=Headline]5. <a id = "section5">Copyright/Contact Info</a>[/CLASS] Please send me an email if you have found: Typo NPC I missed XP Amount for completing a quest Quest item is placed wrongly Quest item is missing Quest is not found Quest is placed twice or in wrong level order Quest is not linked, though it should be My email is: Thanks for reading the guide. Please send any comments or suggesstions for improving this guide. 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