Arathi Highlands

1. Overview of Arathi 2. General Quest Guide 3. NPC List 4. Contact Info 1. Overview of Arathi Highlands Arathi is a very convenient zone, which often leads to somewhat high zone populations. A quick hop from ironforge, it's far more accessible than zones of comprable level like northern stranglethorn or Desolace. Arathi is a land torn by war, one of the central battlegrounds of the Second War, the ruined keep of Stromguard and the holdout town of Refuge Point stand testiment to the ruinous effects of the war for both sides. Incursions of trolls to the east, ogres to the south, and Dark Iron Dwarves to the FAR south at the boarder of the wetlands all threaten to overrun brave alliance defenders and strong hoard guardians that defend their towns. And hidden deep beneith it all, a more ancient battle is fought, as the trapped princess Myrazel rails against her Elemental captors. enlisting the aid of brave adventurers in her bid for freedom at last. The mobs range from low 30s (32 or so) up to high 30s with a few scattered 40+ (like the 42 elite giant Fozzruk who wanders from elemental circle to elemental circle). - Refuge Point(Alliance): A small town, with a gryphon, a central plaza with some quest-givers, and a few wanted posters. There is a craftsman that can repair armor, but there is no inn... - The Elemental Circles: Scattered all over the Highlands are pockets of elementals, at the circles of binding. To the east are air elementals (thundering exiles), at the outer circle to the north are the cresting water elementals, to the west are the burning fire elementals and to the south at the inner circle are Earth elementals. The circles are the center of several quests, notably the level 30 ultra-tough warrior quest that requires the charms they drop and the "shards of Myrazael" chain, one of the more wide-reaching chains that a level 35 will have encountered yet. The elementals are TOUGH, they're level 39, but as a level 38 warrior I had a lot of trouble with them, the wind ones hit hard and cast ranged spells, the knockdown/short stun of the earth elementals is a pain, the water elementals root with frost nova and the fire ones have a 'thorns' effect with fire damage retribution for every hit: bring a group if you can, or you're going to have a real trial-by-fire (or water, or air...) against some of the toughest mobs at their level or below you've fought so far. Quick tip: the charms they drop are not quest items, so if you're trying to do your 'whirlwind' warrior quest at level 30 when you get it, you can just buy them... or you can gather them and sell them to young warriors if you're so inclined. -Boulderfist Hall: A town of ogres, to the south of the highlands, near the troll village. Their 'boss' is a level 40 non-elite in the biggest hall, occasionally a level 39 elite will spawn as well. Iron here in abundance, and chests spawn regularly all over. Nice place to grind at level 42 or so. -Drywhisker Gorge: Kobolds by the bucketfull here, they inhabit the caves in the back, the trail up to it is hard to find, but back in one of the small coves. They like to flee at far more health than most humanoids and get backup, make sure to use roots and/or recklessness curses heavily to avoid being overrun. Deep in the caves are several things of interest, first, the shards for the first stage of the Myrazael chain, and second, veins of the bloodstone ore needed for a Stranglethorn quest with a pretty descent cash reward. Stromguard: The once-mighty keep of Stromguard is now a hotly contested ruin... Alliance defenders, Syndicate goons and Ogres all scrap over the peices. Many quests have you fighting the elite syndicate in the upper terrace and the human camp sells the book for Expert First Aid, which is always a good auction house seller as well. Graveyards: Just south of refuge point, under a tripod of stone monoliths. conveniently close to the east and inner circles of binding, which comes in real handy when doing that warrior quest. PvP Listing: Contested Territory Minerals: Iron, Iron and more iron, as well as mithril in drywhisker gorge, if you can stand the kobolds. tin in a few places, but if you're looking for tin, there are lot less painful places to get it. Herbs:


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