Elwynn Forest

A Guide to Elwynn Forest Written by Mr Kiggles 1. <a href = "#section1">Overview of Elwynn Forest</a> 2. <a href = "#section2">General Quest Guide</a> 3. <a href = "#section3">NPC List</a> 4. <a href = "#section4">Map of Elwynn Forest</a> 5. <a href = "#section5">Contact Info</a> [CLASS=Headline]1. <a id = "section1">Overview of Elwynn Forest</a>[/CLASS] Elwynn Forest was devastated during the First War when the Orcish Horde burned down Stormwind. The ruins became the base of Gul?dan the Warlock and his Stormreaver Clan, where he attempted to find the Tomb of Sargares. After the Second War, when Thrall had fled to Kalimdor, Stormwind was rebuilt by the Stonemason?s Guild and now stands as the last bastion of Human might within the realm of Azeroth. The old cities of Stromgarde, Alterac and Lordaeron have fallen, the naval kingdom of Kul'tiras is closed, and the neutral country of Gilneas sealed. Things seem grim for the Humans of Stormwind... Elwynn Forest is, of course, a forest. It is green and lush, with many settlements. However, the enemies within the forest are nothing close to peaceful. Many Defias roam the forest, and Kobolds infest the Mines, while Murlocs slowly gain ground upon Human soil. Places of Interest: Elwynn Forest, as one of the "newbie" zones, does not have as many true places of interest as later zones. Most of the quests will lead you everywhere across Elwynn Forest, while in later places, there are no quests at all. [INDENT]- Stormwind (Alliance): As a capital city, it includes everything you'll need. Ask a guard for specific directions! Also, Stormwind has a tram. The tram leads to Ironforge, and is an instance. The round trips take about 30 seconds, with a short stop at each side. - Goldshire (Alliance): As a small town, it has no flight master. However, there is an Inn within Goldshire and it also has Warrior, Paladin, Rogue, Mage, Priest and Warlock Trainers. - Westbrook Garrison (Alliance): Westbrook Garrison is basically a garrison of soldiers that guard the western border of Elwynn Forest. Has a few blacksmith vendors. - Eastvale Logging Camp (Alliance): Eastvale Logging Camp is a small village with many peasants that chop wood. No flight path/Inn, but has a vendor and Tailor trainer. - Tower of Azora (Alliance): It's just one tower, but it counts as a town because of all the little gnomes that run around. Those Servants of Azora serve no purpose right now, but there is an Artisan Enchanter within the Tower. - Northshire Abbey (Alliance): Northshire Abbey is where all Human players begin their World of Warcraft experience. It has every trainer that Goldshire has, but they can only train your character up to level 6 skills. There is no flight master/Inn, but your hearthstone is automatically set there if you start as an Human. [/INDENT] Graveyards: There are 2 graveyards in Elwynn Forest. One is within Northshire. The second one is just outside Goldshire. PvP Listing: Alliance Territory Minerals: Copper, Tin Herbs: Peacebloom, Silverleaf [CLASS=Headline]2. <a id = "section2">General Quest Guide</a>[/CLASS] Northshire Abbey: In Northshire Abbey, you'll be beginning your World of Warcraft Quest, as a human of the Alliance. Obviously, you'll be very weak and know only a few techniques and spells. As you begin, talk to the soldier with the yellow exclamation mark above his head. When they have the exclamation mark, it means that they're offering a quest. Once you have read the quest (or chosen not to), continue into the Abbey and speak with the Marshal with the yellow question mark above his head. That means that he is ready to end your quest. Finish reading and gain the next quest from him. Head out and talk to the soldier again for another quest. For this one, head to the left side of the abbey and speak with the Eagan Peltskinner. Get his quest. Now, you can start killing in earnest. The quests are straigth-forward and simply involve killing enemies around the abbey or gathering items from their dead, rotting corpses. Gather as much as you can and sell all you don't need; copper stacks up. If you want a more complete walkthrough, refer to the Northshire Abbey Quests page below. Goldshire: Now that you've "cleared" Northshire Abbey, for now, let's head to the next area. Goldshire should be your next destination, unless you want to finish some of the easier Stormwind quests. They will be covered later. For now, let's assume you are heading to Goldshire. Once you arrive, you'll notice it says, in yellow on the top of your screen, Explored: Goldshire. Press M to bring up a map of Elwynn Forest. It shows places you have explored and not explored. Anyways, to begin with quests, turn in your two existing ones first. Then, grab the three avalible quests in Goldshire (for the candles, the dust, and exploring the mine) then head south. Once you reach the two farms, head to both of them and grab those quests. Do those real quick, until you recieve the Princess Must Die! quest, the Goldtooth quest and the Speak with William quest. Those you may hold onto. Head into the mine between the farms, slaying kobolds on your way in. Play defensively; don't press on into the mine if you're badly hurt. That's asking to die a painful, quick death. Heal when needed, run when needed. Remember which way you came from. Don't run deeper into the cave, run OUT of the cave. Anyways, once you reach a large open room inside the cavern, it'll count as "explored". Finish slaying the kobolds for the dust/candles. Now, if you have a friend, you may choose to finish Goldtooth now. Otherwise, leave and remember to come back later. He hides in the back of the cavern. Turn in your quests at Goldshire, and talk to William Pestle. You'll finish three of them and gain three new ones. Speak with the Marshal again to finish Fishy Peril. Then, head to Crystal Lake and get the required kelp. Turn that in and then choose to either finish Goldtooth now that you've (most likely) gained a level off those quests or head east. I would finish Goldtooth. Then, turn in The Escape. Eastvale Logging Camp: Now, head east to find Guard Thomas. Do his quests and head further east to the logging camp. Do those quests and then head southwest to find the Brackwell Pumpkin Farm. Slay Princess and return to the farm to finish those. All these should be easily accomplished now as you've gotten a basic hand on how World of Warcraft works. Now, you should be around levels 8-12. If you're above 10, good, you're doing well. If you're under 10, it's still fine, you'll catch up soon. Head to Westbrook Garrison and do those 2 quests there. Ask for help against Hogger; you'll need it. Stormwind: Here is where I'll cover the easy Stormwind quests. There's a person in the armory, a person in the clothier place in the canals, and a person standing on a box. They all give the easy quests. Do those real quick; they take almost no time. Now, you're done with the low level quests within Elwynn Forest! Congratulations! Go talk to your trainer in Goldshire/Stormwind and get your class-specific quest. Do that and your basically set. Later, in Stormwind, when you're higher level, you can do the higher level quests. Check in the town often, and with your trainer too! Where do I go next? Now, you have a choice. You can either: -Go to Westfall. Westfall is where Sentinel Hill lies. I reccommend this for those who would rather level to 60 than gain reputation to get Honored with all the races. Granted, you'll still get there, but the other two routes will get you there faster. -Go to Loch Modan. The Dwarven equivilence of Westfall. Take the tram to Ironforge and head east. Should take about 15 minutes tops. -Go to Darkshore. This is the Night Elven equivilence of Westfall. To get to Darkshore, head from Loch Modan north into the Wetlands, and follow the road. Once you reach Menethil Harbor, take the boat on the right side of the docks to Darkshore. This is how you can boost Night Elf reputation, which is probably the hardest to get as a Human. Reccommended for easy Honored reputation, but it will be hard and long to get here. I reccommend stripping down to nothing as you run, so when you die, you won't lose any duribility. That's all for the General Quest Guide of Elwynn Forest. Refer to each of the specific quest pages for more detailed information. Quest Pages: All the "newbie" zones have around 3-6 "towns", I have split them all up to include the areas around their town. In Elwynn Forest, I put quests into categories like so: <a href = "http://wow.azzor.com/146/northshire_abbey.php">Northshire Abbey</a> <a href = "http://wow.azzor.com/147/goldshire.php">Goldshire and Central Elwynn</a> <a href = "http://wow.azzor.com/148/eastvale.php">Eastvale Logging Camp, Tower of Azora and Eastern Elwynn</a> <a href = "http://wow.azzor.com/149/stormwind.php">Westbrook Garrison, Stormwind City and Western Elwynn</a> [CLASS=Headline]3. <a id = "section3">NPC List</a>[/CLASS] Under construction! Please check back later! [CLASS=Headline]4. <a id = "section4">Map of Elwynn Forest</a>[/CLASS] [IMGID=136] The big version of the map is <a href = "http://wow.azzor.com/gallery/?act=full&pid=137">here</a>. [CLASS=Headline]5. <a id = "section5">Contact Info</a>[/CLASS] Please send me an email if you have found: Typo NPC I missed XP Amount for completing a quest Quest item is placed wrongly Quest item is missing Quest is not found Quest is placed twice or in wrong level order Quest is not linked, though it should be My email is: mrkiggles@gmail.com Thanks for reading the guide. Please send any comments or suggesstions for improving this guide. Back to World of Warcraft Zones


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