Onyxia's Lair

Location: Duskwallow Marsh Level 60 40 Player Limit Onyxia is the daughter of the mighty dragon Deathwing, and sister of the scheming Nefarion Lord of Blackrock Spire. It is said that Onyxia delights in corrupting the mortal races by meddling in their political affairs. To this end it is believed that she takes on various humanoid forms and uses her charm and power to influence delicate matters between the different races. Some believe that Onyxia has even assumed an alias once used by her father - the title of the royal House Prestor. When not meddling in mortal concerns, Onyxia resides in a fiery cave below the Dragonmurk, a dismal swamp located within Dustwallow Marsh. There she is guarded by her kin, the remaining members of the insidious Black Dragon Flight. "Trash" Mobs: Before you reach the dragon herself, you will find your raid faced with Onyxian warders. The secret to these guys is having no melee DPS on them, as they send out a fire nova hitting anyone in range for a few thousand fire damage. Ranged-only, and they're easy as Pi. [class=headline]Onyxia Abilities:[/class] [img2=right]http://www.azzor.com/gallery/img_one.php?pid=523[/img2]
    [LI]Flame Breath: A frontal cone AoE that hits for a considerable amount of fire damage. It is imperative that the raid is not hit by this, as it is a big raid-wiper.[/LI] [LI]Knockback: Onyxia will knock back anyone in front of her (this should only be the main tank). The tanks needs to be positioned correctly so that when he is knocked back, he bounced right back into the same place.[/LI] [LI]Tail Whip: Anyone standing behind her will find themselves hit with her tail for a small amount of damage, but sent flying far into the air (and often the whelps).[/LI] [LI]Engulfing Flames: In Phase 2 (where she flies into the air), she will spit fireballs at random people, with splash damage. These usually aren't going to kill someone, so first aid should be enough to counter these.[/LI] [LI]Deep Breath: At some point in phase 2, she will use her deep breath ability. Everyone needs to move to the sides, as anyone in the middle will be breathed on. Make sure to spread out, since some people on the sides will be breathed on indefinitely.[/LI] [LI]AoE Fear: During phase 3 (when she lands), she will use an AoE fear. Right before she fears, the ground will rumble giving everyone a little warning (just a second or two). After she fears, little bits of fire shoot up from the ground, damaging anyone who is running around on the floor.[/LI]
[class=headline]Onyxia Strategy:[/class] The first thing that needs to be said is that Onyxia is not tauntable (immune). In order to avoid complete disaster in the case of someone pulling aggro, the raid should split up into two groups (for example, odd groups on the left, even on the right). When the MT pulls, the two sides should split, making sure that you don't get too close to the whelp caves (these eggs aren't like UBRS rookery eggs; the range needed to make them hatch is considerable). The MT will be on the north side of the cave, Onyxia facing the north. The ranged should be as far away as possible on the sides (no one behind her or near caves), and the melee should be at maximum melee range. Healing rotations are suggested, but not essential (it depends on whether your healers have enough mana for the whole fight). Phase 1: During phase 1, it is a pretty simple fight. Use slow DPS at first; pulling aggro could easily wipe the raid. If you do pull aggro, move into the tank position so that she does not flame breath your whole side and wipe the raid. Rogues Feint every cooldown, Hunters Feign Death every cooldown, etc. At about 68%, mana users should regenerate mana if they think they might run out during the course of the fight. At 65%, phase 2 begins. Phase 2: At 65%, Onyxia takes flight to "incinerate you from above." Here, everyone goes all out. Spread yourselves throughout the lair, making sure that people aren't clumped anywhere, minimizing Deep Breath deaths. During this phase, whelps will come out of the caves (unavoidable), so all Warriors should be near the caves of their respective sides to aggro them. A Mage should be close for AoE. When she uses Deep Breath (CT_RaidAssist will give a warning), everyone must move to the sides, spread out. When CT_RaidAssist gives the warning for phase 3 incoming, move to your original positions (everyone away from the caves). No DoT spells should be on Onyxia when this phase ends. Phase 3: Just like phase 1, but with an AoE fear. It is essential that the MT can combat this fear somehow. For Alliance, a Dwarf Priest should always keep Fear Ward on the tank. If for some reason the tank doesn't get it one time, he must switch to Berserker Stance for Berserker Rage. The Horde can try to use Tremor Totems, but it may just be easier for the Warrior to stance dance. Stay away from the caves, so that you don't get feared into them. An easy way to avoid the fire damage during fears is for the ranged DPS and healers to stand on the little ledges. It takes some practice to get up there (especially on the right side), so practice during phase 1. That's about it for Onyxia. If you have any questions, please post in the Strategy section of the forums. Back to World of Warcraft Instances


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