Welcome to the Deadmines Guide. Author: Dreamwalker <a id = top></a> [CLASS=Headline]<B>Table of Contents</B>[/CLASS] 101. <a href = #quest>Quests involving "The Deadmines"</a> 102. <a href = #guide>The Deadmines</a> 103. <a href = #mob>Mob Stats</a> 104. <a href = #item>Rare Item Drops</a> 104a. <a href = #loot>Loot Etitquete</a> 105. <a href = #thank>Thanks</a> <a id =quest></a> [CLASS=Headline]101. Quests involving "The Deadmines"[/CLASS] Red Leather Bandanas Scout Galiaan (Sentinel Hill, by the mill) Comments: Although you should have this quest finished by doing "The Peoples Milita" quest series, it is possible to find the leather bandanas inside the mine. Red Silk Bandanas Scout Riell (Sentinel Hill, top of the tower) Comments: The silk bandanas can be obtained off of any elite inside the deadmines. Collecting Memories Wilder Thistlenettle (Stormwind, Dwarven District) Comments: None yet Underground Assault Shoni the Shilent (Stormwind, Dwarven District) Comments: The Gnoam Sprecklesprocket is found on the goblin shredder which is one of the minibosses inside the instance. Oh Brother... Wilder Thistlenettle (Stormwind. Dwarven District) Comments: None yet The Defias Brotherhood Gryan Stoutmantle (Sentinel Hill, Tower) Comments: This quest is part of a series that sends you to Redridge, Storm- wind and back. The part where you need to kill Edwin Van Cleef and retrieve his head is the very last part of this quest. Edwin Van Cleef is the last boss of the instance. <a href = #top>Back to Top</a> <a id = guide></a> [CLASS=Headline]102. The Deadmines[/CLASS]<a href = ""><img src="" width = 250 height = 200 align=right Border = 0></a> Yay! On to the meat and bones of this FAQ. The Deadmines is located under- neath Moonbrooke in Westfall. Before you even enter the Instance you enter a "public" area that leads to the instance. If your group can't make it through this area, don't bother entering the instance as you will never get through it. To get to the actual instance you are going to hug the right side of the mine. When you get to a bridge you should be able to see the entrance over the side. Jumping off from there will get you to the instance. Once inside be sure to wait for your other groupmates to finish loading before you venture deeper. There are many elites inside and disorganization from here will get you all killed. The first things you should be doing are reapplying all of your buffs to you and your party as well as discussing who will be the main tank, backup tank(assuming you have one), who will cover crowd control, who will do the healing. Basically make sure that everyone know their role. The first room you come too will have a couple elites along with several defias miners. You can take out the groups in the center without aggroing the miners off to the side. The first room(as well as the whole dungeon) is pretty linear so it's hard to get lost in here. You will eventually come to a small clearing where you will meet: //////////////////////////////////////// <a href = ""><img src="" width = 250 height = 200 align=right Border = 0></a>Mini-boss: Rhahk'Zor <The Foreman> (20+ Elite Ogre Mob) Hit Points: ~4050 Rhahk'Zor (Zor from now on) is the first (and easiest) of many bosses inside the Deadmines. There are two ways to go about killing him, one is easy and one is stupid. Zor will walk back and forth pausing at each stopping point for roughly 30 seconds. When he is closest to your party, you can have a member used a ranged attack on him which will cause him to come towards you guys without alerting the two archers standing guard with him. He is pretty easy to take down with a group of five people and hits for very minimal against a well equipped tank. If you draw aggro from the two guards don't worry too much as the battle doesn't get that much more difficult. A mage can Polymorph one of the extra mobs if need be. //////////////////////////////////////// After the boss take out the two guards if you haven't and rest up and reapply any buffs that need reapplying. Don't open the door in front of you just yet as there will be a patrol coming up from behind you. The patrol spawns after you beat Zor, so don't bother trying to get them ahead of time. Open the door after you are done. This is another linear path just like the first one, except with slightly higher harder mobs. Enemy mages will start using Chains of Ice on the melee characters while they go after the cloth wearers. Proceed down the path and you will come to yet another door. Open the door, but don't go in just yet. Inside the next room is the goblin shredder and several dan- gerous goblins. You are going to want to pull the goblins towards you one at a time starting with the closest ones. The goblins use axe throw, an ability that knocks down its target for a few seconds, before engaging in melee range. When you get to the goblins that are near the shredder, wait for the shredder to go up the small hill before pulling the ones on floor. If you do this, you can safely pull the ones on the floor without fear of aggroing the shredder. After all of the Goblins are dead go for: //////////////////////////////////////// <a href = ""><img src="" width = 250 height = 200 align=right Border = 0></a>Mini-boss: Sneed's Shredder <Lumbermaster> (20+ Elite Shredder Mob) Hit Points: ~3500 Sneed's Shredder will chew through the health of even the best tank. It's very important that you keep the tank healed throughout this fight. I should also point out that this is the shredder that drops Gnoam Sprecklesprocket for the Underground Assault quest, so be sure to loot it after it's dea...err, broken. After you best the shredder don't stop to rest just yet, because out pops Sneed himself and he's upset that you broke his toy. Mini-boss (part 2): Sneed <Lumbermaster> (21+ Elite Goblin Mob) Hit Points: ~3000 This guy still packs a punch, so don't throw down the towel yet. He has sig- nificantly less HP's than the shredder so he should go down rather quickly. He does however attack very quickly with two claw weapons. //////////////////////////////////////// After this boss, there is another door in front of you. I wouldn't advise opening it just yet as there will be another patrol aproaching from behind. Take care of the patrol and head through the doors to meet the ever annoying taskmasters. Taskmasters are elite mobs that like to run away and shoot at range no matter what you do. If you chase them too far they will run away and undoubtedly aggro more mobs for you. Best thing to do with them is either freeze them in place with some form of root before attacking them, or run backwards untill they are a good distance away from another mobs and then chase them. Anyways, entering through the doors will lead you down another linear hallway. Heading down here will lead you to a door which leads to a larger room known as the smelting room. If any group has ever wiped, they did it here. The Goblin Engineers here like to summon robot defenders that attack your group. Aggroing 3 mobs can quickly turn into a 6 on 5 fight, which makes it harder to finish off mobs that are about to die, which means they are free to run away and aggro even more mobs for you! Sounds like fun, right?1? The key here is again to pull one mob at a time and finish them off before they can run away. There will be time where you will pull two mobs, but that can't be avoided, do don't worry. The whole room is actually one spiralling stair- case and is filled with goblins. At the very end is the big-daddy goblin: ///////////////////////////////////////// <a href = ""><img src="" width = 250 height = 200 align=right Border = 0></a>Mini-boss: Gilnid <The Smelter> (20+ Elite Goblin Mob) Chances are you couldn't get the 2 other goblins mobs near him away so you are probably fighting three mobs total in this fight. Have one person tank Gilnid while the rest of the group takes out the other two goblins (see why it is important to have 2 tanks in a group now?). After the other goblins are disposed off, focus fire on Gilnid who should go down pretty easily. ///////////////////////////////////////// Done yet? Good! In case you haven't guessed yet, there is another patrol coming up from behind you. They will take awhile to get to the bottom of the spiral so you can skip them if you'd like. Entering the large door behind Gilnid will take you to another path that has a small branch stretching out to the left. In that stretch is a lootable barrel that has a key item required for you and your group to continue, so have someone loot it. Finish taking out the mobs in the rooms and have everyone stand about 10-15 yards <a href = ""><img src="" width = 250 height = 200 align=right Border = 0></a> behind the cannon. Have the person who looted the gunpowder use it on the cannon and then join the rest of the group behind the cannon. If all went well 3 mobs will coming rushing through the door, look around and then go back to patroling leaving your group free to take them out one by one. Also note that a rogue can lockpick this door which won't alert the pirates. If all didn't go well you will be facing three different mobs at once. Concentrate on one at a time as you take them out. Welcome to the final room of the instance! Take a second to marvel at the ship and it's very large cannons, also take a quick look at the cave walls and see if you can spot an exit for the ship. I guess they were planning on blasting their way through the mountain to get out ^_^. Believe it or not this room is actually the hardest room to wipe in if you have a smart party. In case things start to go arwy, the designated rezzer of the group(provided you have someone in the party who can rez) can jump in the water. Doing this will stop any mobs from following him (except for one, but we will get to it later). So keep that in mind and you progress across the wooden dock. When you reach the ship enjoy the cool music, and don't run for the fake chest. Be sure to watch out for: ///////////////////////////////////////// <a href = ""><img src="" width = 250 height = 200 align=right Border = 0></a>Not so Mini-boss: Mr. Smite <The Ship's First Mate> (21+ Elite Minotaur Mob) Smite comes equipped with two of his own guards. Getting through this fight requires a lot of teamwork and planning. After you get Mr. Smite's health down about 1/3 of the way he will excecute a stun attack that stuns your entire party while he switches weapons. This is very bad if you haven't taken out the guards first as they will continue to beat on your party. The best way I have found is to have your main tank go in first and attack Mr. Smite. The rest of the party will follow and focus attacks on one guard at a time. IF there isn't another mail wearing party member the healer of the group will have his work cut out for him as he will be dividing heals between the tank and the rest of the party who will be taking severe damage from the guards. Once you take out the guards the rest of the fight is smooth sailing. Another thing to note is that while the tank is soloing Mr. Smite he should use his most damaging attacks to build enough hate before the rest of the group joins. After the rest of the group starts on Smite, the tank should switch to either Seal of Fury (Paladins), Taunt (Warriors), Roar (Druid Bear Form). ///////////////////////////////////////// So you've finally bested Mr. Smite, Good for you! Guess what? No patrol this time ^_^. Instead progress up the ramp to the ship. This is your final stretch before you take on Van Cleef. You'll notice right away that you can either head left or right around the ship, while the path to the right leads to Van Cleef I would advise you take a small detour and head left. Doing this will lead you to Cookie, the ship's cook. While he isn't really in the way, it does pay to take him out as he is the only mob that will follow you into the water. Cookie patrols the back side of the boat so he is usually in a random area back there. Once you've disposed of Cookie head back around and take the right path. Time your pulls carefully and be sure to stay as far away as possible from the ramp leading to the top of the ship. I say that because if you accidently aggro one mob on the ramp about 5-6 others like to join in. Keep taking out mobs on the ramp untill you get near the top. Pull- ing here is slightly more tricky because Captain Greenskin and his posse are on patrol around the top of the ship and will aggro you if you get too close to them. After you've finished all of the regular mobs it should only be C. Greenskins crew and Van Cleef left! Wait untill Greenskin comes around and let him have it: ////////////////////////////////////////// Mini-boss: Captain Greenskin (21+ Elite Goblin Mob) Overall this is one of the easier mini-bosses, I would advise using the same stragety as you did with Smite, but it isn't that neccesary here. Greenskin can poison you so make sure the priests and paladins are watching out for that. Keep up the pressure and he will go down pretty easy. ////////////////////////////////////////// Assuming you took out everyone on the boat, the only person left should be the defias kingpin himself, Edwin Van Cleef! ////////////////////////////////////////// <a href = ""><img src="" width = 250 height = 200 align=right Border = 0></a>Final Boss: Edwin Van Cleef <Defias Kingpin> (22+ Elite Humanoid Mob) Easily the hardest battle you've faced so far. Vancleef (VC from now on) hits hard and fast. Your best tank will not be able to stay alive without proper healing. It is imperitive that you take out the two guards that accompany VC as he will summon two more when he reaches half health. No party at that level can handle 5 elite mobs at once. I would hate to see your party kill VC and then die to the guards without being able to loot his body. Once you take out the initial guards focus on VC, when he summons more guards you can safely ignore them untill you take out VC. ////////////////////////////////////////// Once Van cleef and his guards are dead, loot his body and roll any cool items he may have dropped. Be sure to get his head, as you will undoubtedly need it for the defias brotherhood quest series. Also of some importance is the unsent letter which begins a quest that will inevitably send you to the stockades (a slightly higher, yet shorter instance). However, that is another FAQ for another time. Good job on your successful completion of the deadmines! <a href = #top>Back to Top</a> <a id = mob></a> 103. Mob Stats Name Lvl. Range Hitpoints Attacks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Defias Evoker 18-19 900-1200 AoE Fire, Staff Defias Overseer 18-19 1200-1500 Sword Rest coming soon... <a href = #top>Back to Top</a> <a id = item></a> [CLASS=Headline]104. Rare Item Drops[/CLASS] <a id = loot></a> [CLASS=Headline]<I>104a. Loot Etiquette</I>[/CLASS] Before I go into the loot tables I would like to take this opportunity to go over basic etitquete in regards to looting. This may be your first time grouping with a full group of 5 people in a dungeon that offers some pretty nice equiptment for your level. People tend to see these rare items and get greedy. Most group leaders will set the looting option to group loot, which means that anyone can loot any corpse and any green or above items are rolled on by the group(Note that there is an "Need before Greed" looting option that doesn't let people roll on items they can't use, but all this really does is discriminate against cloth wearers since mail wearing PC's can still use cloth if they desired). When a roll comes up on your screen take a second to look at what the item is, whether or not you CAN use it, and whether or not you WILL use it. If you think there is another party member who is more needing of the piece of equipment that dropped, pass on the item. If you do this your group is less likely to get pissed at you, and people are more likely to return the favor later on. If noone is going to use the item, then feel free to roll on it like normal. In the event that somebody rolls on an item they can't use and wins it, the worst thing you can do is blow up at the person and start yelling at them. This only serves to distract the group and make everybody tense. When you need everybody to focus on the task at hand, the unneeded animosity doesn't help at all. I find the best thing to do is ask them why they rolled on it, in- form them that they can't use the item and ask them to pay better attention next time. If they do it a second time, feel free to kick them from the par- ty and find a replacement. ~~~~ Item name - The name of the item # - The minimum level required to equip the item # (#) - Either the AC value of the item (armor) or it's damage and DPS. BoA - All Green items and up are either Bind of Aquire or Bind on Equip. Comments: - Additional effects the item may have as well as comments about it Corsair's Overshirt (Cloth chest piece) Lvl: 19 AC: 45 BoA Comments: +5 Sta, +11 Spi (Dropped by Edwin Van Cleef) Cape of the Brotherhood (Cape) Lvl: 20 AC: 21 BoA Comments: +6 Agi, +3 Sta (Dropped by Edwin Van Cleef) Blackened Defias Armor (Leather chest piece) Lvl: 19 AC: 94 BoA Comments: +4 Str, +3 Agi, +11 Sta; Part of the Defias leather set. (Dropped by Edwin Van Cleef) Cruel Barb (1h Sword) Lvl: 19 Dmg: 30-57 (15.5 DPS) Speed: 2.80 BoA Comments: +12 Attack on equip (Dropped by Edwin Van Cleef) Cookie's Stirring Rod (Wand) Lvl: 17 Dmg: 20-38 Arcane (22.3 DPS) Speed: 1.30 BoA Comments: (Dropped by Cookie) Gold-plated Buckler (Shield) LvL: 15 AC: 471, 9 Block BoA Comments: +2 Agi, +5 Sta. Miner Johnson is not inside the instance (Dropped by Miner Johnson) Emberstone Staff (Staff) Lvl: 18 Dmg: 47-71 (19.7 DPS) Speed: 3.00 BoA Comments: +5 Sta, +8 Int, +5 Spi (Dropped by Captain Greenskin) Lavishly Jeweled Ring (Ring) Lvl: 17 BoA Comments: +2 Agi, +6 Int. Unique (Dropped by Gilnid) Smite's Mighty Hammer (2h Mace) Lvl: 18 Dmg: 55-83 (19.7 DPS) Speed: 3.50 BoA Comments: +11 Str, +4 Agi (Dropped by Mr. Smite) Taskmaster Axe (2h Axe) Lvl: 18 Dmg: 42-64 (19.6 DPS) Speed: 2.70 BoA Comments: +8 Sta, +8 Str. (Dropped by Sneed - not his shredder) <a id = thank></a> [CLASS=Headline]108. Thanks [/CLASS] Darkartist - For informing me that the locked door can lockpicked without alerting any pirates Azigal - For the fake chest suggestion (see Mr. Smite) <a href = #top>Back to Top</a> </body> </html> Back to World of Warcraft Instances


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