After a long, and very difficult struggle (Yes, I was not prepared), I finally got my jewelcrafting up to 300. While trying to figure out what jewels do what, I came across this site: WoW Wikis Guide on Jewelcrafting! Obviously, WoWWiki FTW, once again. But, I tried to save some time and give you guys the skinny on what's does what. The way to read what's below is how many stones will work in each socket. (So, if you're looking for +Str gear, you'll want more red sockets than blue sockets, etc). For the sake of, well, everyone's sanity, I am not going to touch the other stones (Orange, nether, meta) because it would take a lot of effort :) Red Sockets - +Agi - 3 stones +AP - 5 stones +Str - 5 stones +Dodge - 1 stone +Parry - 1 stone +Healing - 3 stones +Spell Damage - 5 stones Yellow Sockets - +Spell crit - 4 stones +Melee crit - 4 stones +Int - 3 stones +Defense - 3 stones +Resist - 1 stone +Hit rating - 3 stones Blue Sockets - +Stam - 3 stones +Spirit - 3 stones +Mana OT - 3 stones +Spell Pen - 3 stones I am planning on doing more write ups on this. I'm still trying to learn too :) Rules: Prospecting is your friend You can only cut gems after 300 skill


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