A Walkthrough Guide for New Level 80 Rogues

In the shadows we reap, in the darkness we rise. When light comes upon those who can’t see us, it s in that very moment that the light betrays them, leads them to their impending demise. Incapacitated, invulnerable, inoculated, dead; that’s how those who dare challenge our skills end up, and that’s how they end up FAST. It is not by our toughness we rely our survival, it is not by the arcane arts we thrive to destroy an opponent, it is by the daggers we hold in our hands and by the cunningness of our techniques that we hold our ground and reign over the defeated.

We are the Rogues of Azeroth. We are here to own you all, wheter in PvP or in PvE.

Welcome assassins! If you’re reading this guide, then you’ve just hit level 80 or are just darn bored of playing your toon two days after you’ve reached level cap. Either way, congratulations! Several new born rogues these days usually have no clue as to what to do once they’ve dinged to that magical number. Many assume that they’re ready for end-game raiding as they freely offer themselves as raid members in ICC using only equipment they’ve gotten from Zul’Drak or Shlozar Basin. I sure do hope you’re not one of them because it’ll sort of embarrass yourself.

I can’t blame these people though since they’re very passionate about playing hardcore WOW immediately, but it is essential to invest a lot (key word: A LOT) of time and patience if you want to down the Lich King.

Rogues are a very fun class to play while you level. Though it can be tough since many quests require you to group up with other members to finish without difficulty (Rogues aren’t exactly good at soloing, huh?), these assassins definitely give an exciting gameplay that requires a lot of cunningness and movement.

If you had fun being a Rogue during pre-level cap stages, then all the more now that you’re on your way to becoming one of the best agents of death in the game! When you hit level 80, quests will no longer be of importance unless you’re grinding achievements. Heroic Dungeons will be your daily routine as it will provide you most of the gears you need to prepare you for end-game raids. You won’t need to worry about soloing quests anymore because from now on, being on a group or raid is the only way to improve your toon and its gameplay.

When it comes to raiding, Rogues can offer a variety of skills and abilities that are nice to have along in the group. They can stun certain opponents and interrupt spell casters at will; but always remember a rogue is primarily in the group for one reason: DPS.

It is from my experiences that a Rogue can dish out quick and hard DPS on opponents. They are usually among the top, if not the top, DPS dealers in the group in almost any encounter, so having you along is very much welcome in the group (unless the raid is full of melee DPS already). This will be our goal as you go along with this guide. This article will give you some ideas on what talents would maximize your DPS potential, what gears you can get by grinding Heroic Dungeons, gems and enchantments to be used for these gears, and some few tricks of the trade when you’ve started raiding in the awesome world of Northrend.

Get your adrenaline rush in check, because we Rogues are going for one frenzied ride!



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Great and Useful information! Very Nice guide!


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