Volatiles Farming Guide

Why Farm Volatiles?

Sure you could profit faster from crafting and selling stuff from your professions. But what if the economy is really terrible (and it happens) that there are days that you can't possibly profit from crafting anything? Volatile farming is the easiest way to earn fast and extra gold. But if you don't have herbalism or mining to get some volatiles, there's no other way than to farm it yourself. For 13 minutes, I farmed 8 Volatile Fires. It goes for 20 gold each in the auction house in my server. That's an extra 160 gold for 13 minutes. Yes, it's boring, but you don't have to do it for hours anyway. Do it when you're waiting for a battleground queue or while waiting for your guild raid to form. Here are the perfect spots for farming volatiles:

Volatile Fire

Mount Hyjal is one of the places where you can farm volatile fire. There are elites in the area that drop volatile fire. I got 3 volatile fires in one kill.

The other way of farming volatile fire in the area is to use fishing. There are pools of fire in the area that drop volatile fire.

Another place to farm volatile fire is in Twilight Highlands around the Bastion of Twilight.

There are also pools of fire in that area just like in Hyjal. Toggle your Find Fish tracking in your minimap to easily find these pools of fire.The Enslaved Infernos are easier to kill compared to the elites in Hyjal and they drop volatile fires too.

Volatile Earth

If you don't have mining, there's no other way to get volatile earth than to kill things. In Twilight Highlands, an area called The Black Breach has Obsidian Stoneslave mobs that drop volatile earth.

Another area to farm volatile earth is in Hyjal around the Nordrassil tree. Remember the first time you leveled in Hyjal and there's a ton of Scalding Rock Elementals around? Now there's not much people killing them. And with level 85 gear, these 30k hp mobs are very easy to kill.

Volatile Water

Above Firebeard's Patrol in Twilight Highlands, there are a ton of Muddied Water Elemental that drops Volatile Water. 

Volatile Air

This is the hardest volatile to get and it is more expensive than any other volatiles and its stock is always low. The best place I found to farm these is in Uldum around Orsis. The mobs that you are going to kill are called Scion of Al'Akir.

If you want to farm volatile life, the only way to do it is to get herbalism. Volatile life is usually cheaper and heavy in stock because herbalists can easily acquire it from farming herbs. If you are an alchemist, you could buy volatile life from the AH and use Transmute: Living Elements to transforms 15 volatile life into 14-16 of a random volatile (earth, air, fire, water) and make a profit from it.


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