Top 10 Cataclysm Bosses (Part 1)

Deathwing has been eliminated. The Cataclysm is over. For more than a year, Azeroth has been under the reckless mercy of the Aspect of Death and his Twilight legion. And now that the Old Gods' champion has been thoroughly subdued, peace has restored to the devastated planet...well...atleast for now.

With all the bosses down, we look back through the desolated halls of the Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, Throne of Four Winds, Tol Barad, Firelands, and Dragon Soul, and pieced together our top 5 bosses in the World of Warcraft expansion.

The following have been ranked based on difficulty, looks factor, battle area, and lore content. While some may be ranked for obvious reasons, you may find some a bit of a surprise. And hey, if you disagree with our own ranking, feel free to post on the comment section and show us your top 10! For this first part, we'll be talking about our numbers 10-6. Enjoy!

Number 10--Al'Akir (Throne of the Four Winds) Putting the Lord of the Air ain't exactly an easy thing to do. There could have been other bosses out there that would've deserved the spot than the infamous Al'Akir, but then again, it's our list. LOL. Al'Akir had incredibly hard fight mechanics: You run around avoiding wind/lightning attacks, you jump off the ledge just to avoid a wipe, you do a hang time in the air while dishing out some damage/heals. It's practically an insane battle, and it's infamously memorable. Plus, you're fighitng a freakin' Elemental! How deeper can you get in the lore department? (An Old God would've been cooler).

Number 9--Halfus Wyrmbreaker (Bastion of Twilight) Ahhh, Halfus. Our first ever Cataclysm raid boss (well, to most atleast). Who could ever forget the horrors he bring once the dragons have been released. People even set up a website dedicated to telling players which dragons are up and which dragons are down! Week after week, you're fighting a different Halfus, with buffs/debuffs that are insane to keep in mind. And who could forget his ability where you have to interrupt him often? Did one of your raid members screw up in interuptting his attack? Sucks to be your group!

Number 8--Ascendant Council (Bastion of Twilight) Okay, so we're gonna talk about a lot of BoT guys basically because...well...BoT in terms of relative difficulty rocks! And the fight mechanics were more challenging than the almost no-brainer mechanics in Dragon Soul (yes, we dare say that). And here's one boss encounter that got us "Oh, WTF, we're fighting four at once?!" Well we definitely got a sigh of relief when we realized it was only two at a time. But even so, fighting these dudes were no joke! You have to gain a buff from one boss to avoid another boss, then run around like hell just to stay alive. And in the looks department, even if they are recycled models, they look pretty badass. Too bad they're not rich in the lore category; that would've bumped them up the charts a spot or two.

Number 7--Atramedes (Black Wing Descent) He may easily be shrugged off as another boss without any significance to WOW's lore cycle, but you can't deny this guy's got some skills going on. His fight mechanics are unique (as far as I'm concerned.. Hey I've only started raiding in WotLK), which requires you to ring a gong and avoid getting too much sound on your meter. Plus he's a f*cking blind dragon. If that doesn't spell awesomeness, I don't know what. How can a blind dragon be so bad ass?

Number 6--Cho'gall (Bastion of Twilight) What?! The leader of the Twilight Council only on the sixth spot? We must have some serious competition going on for the 5 to 1! But anyhoo, Cho'gall ranks high in the lore department (he's been around longer than World of Warcraft, foo!). And his fight mechanics and encounter experience are the most insane I've seen next to some of our top 5 bosses. The corruption meter, the way you handle the blobs, the insanity going on when his corrupted head takes over, is a pure cadence of World of Warcraft brilliance. Plus his voice overs were creepy as heck! So that rounds up our number 10-6 spot. Stick around next week as we unveil our top 5!


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