Tailoring Gold Guide for Cataclysm

It's really simple to earn extra gold using tailoring. There are only a few items that you can craft to earn gold so it's not too hard to keep track of the items you're selling. Before reading on, I suggest you download the tailoring spreadsheet for cataclysm as I will be referring to that spreadsheet as we go on.


Powerful Enchanted Spellthread and Powerful Ghostly Spellthread are the two cataclysm spellthreads. They cost 1 dreamcloth to make each, which is BOP so dreamcloth cannot be sold in the AH. How do you then calculate the cost of these dreamcloth when it's BOP? If you take a look at the tailoring spreadsheet, I put the price of 1 dreamcloth is 1 powerful enchanted spellthread since these spellthreads takes 1 dreamcloth to make. In other words, price of dreamcloth = price of powerful enchanted/ghostly spellthread.

Before you craft your dreamcloth, refer to your spreadsheet to make sure that you are making a profit. 
These dreamclooth takes 2 stacks of embersilk cloth and 30 volatile (water/air/earth/life/fire). Input the price of the embersilk cloth (per piece) and the volatiles and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate if you're going to make a profit out of crafting cataclysm spellthreads and selling them.

If you take a look at the example above, Dreamcloth (life) a.k.a Dream of Hyjal will yield me the most profit of 244 gold by just buying all the materials in the AH, crafting dreamcloth and then crafting Powerful Enchanted Spellthread or Powerful Ghostly Spellthread. Dreamcloth (water) a.k.a Dream of Azshara, amd Dreamcloth (earth) a.k.a Dream of Deepholm will also give me profit and therefore I will buy the materials needed and craft the dreamcloth already. For the other types of dreamcloth, I have to wait until the price of volatiles go down. 

These dreamcloths have a 7 day cooldown, so you should also keep track when they are up. Trying to buy another tailor's dreamcloth cooldown is not advisable, as most often they will charge high just for the 7 day cooldown.

There are 2 other cataclysm spellthreads that are a lower (and cheaper) version of the ones mentioned above. These things still sell and you could get around 50 gold profit from these. Just input the current price of embersilk cloth, volatile fire and volatile water and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate how much you can profit from this. 

Dreamcloth Epics

Sell these epics while they're still hot. Cataclysm is still quite new and people are still having a hard time obtaining epics. For those who don't want to wait forever until they can get epics, they are willing to spend thousands of gold for these. The challenge in making a profit from dreamcloth epics is to craft dreamcloth as low cost as possible.

Here are the epics that you can currently make with dreamcloth:

1. Belt of the Depths (4 dreamcloth)
2. Breeches of Mended Nightmares (6 dreamcloth)
3. Flame-Ascended Pantaloons (6 dreamcloth)
4. Dreamless Belt ( 4 dreamcloth)

Use the spreadsheet again like we did above to make sure you're making dreamcloth as low cost as possible. Search the AH and input the selling price of these epics and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate how much you can profit from it. You will find it quicker to sell these epics when you advertise it on trade rather than just putting in the AH. Why? Some players have no idea these epics exist, and so they will not search the AH for this. But if they see it in the trade chat, they might become interested and purchase it.

The recipes of these epics can be purchased from Aristaleon Sunweaver (Horde) and

Sal Ferraga (Alliance) with the cost of 1 Dreamcloth.

PvP Sets

PvP sets can be sold because doing the battlegrounds without any resilience or with fresh quest item gears is just not fun. Besides, Cataclysm just started so not a lot of people have earned enough honor points to purchase PvP gear. It takes a lot of battleground playtime before you can purchase the honor points pvp gear. These PvP sets get sold, but remember to advertise it on the trade channel as people may not be aware that these items actually exist.

There are two pvp sets that you can craft, Emberfire and Fireweave. Emberfire/Fireweave pants, robe and cowl needs to be purchased from the same vendor that sells the dreamcloth epic patterns. The rest, you can learn from the trainer. The spreadsheet also calculates how much you can profit from these items. Just input the cost of the materials on the right side of the spreadsheet and the going price of the items.

Do not try and craft everything at once. It depends on the server which items sell the most. In my experience, the vendor bought recipes sell better than the trainer-taught ones.


Believe it or not, netherweave bags are still selling fast. Just remember that 1 stack of netherweave cloth makes 1 netherweave bag. You just have to buy the rune thread from the vendor. So if you can buy 1 stack of netherweave cloth a lot cheaper than the going price of netherweave bags, go ahead and buy the netherweave. 

Illusionary bags are also hot right now, although it takes 8 Dreamcloth to craft, meaning it will take you 2 weeks before you can get the mats for this one. So you have to choose whether you are crafting dreamcloth to make spellthreads or illusionary bags. Whichever gets you more profit, pick that one! The recipe for the illusionary bag is sold by the same vendor that sells dreamcloth epics in Twilight Highlands.


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