Selling Profession Kits

Everyone knows that power-leveling a profession is time-consuming. No one wants to go back to the old world and farm for materials. Scanning the auction house for materials is also time-consuming and sometimes, the materials are so overpriced. Now you’re wondering why you didn’t level your profession while you are leveling. How you wish all the materials are just available and you can buy them all out at once without waiting for days before a material becomes available in the auction house. If there is someone who’d sell you everything you need to level your profession from 1-450, you’d buy it right? This is where profession kits come in. You can spend time gathering all the materials needed to level a profession from 1-450 and selling them as a “Profession Kit”.

Buy and Sell

Everyone is going to for profession leveling guide so this is the list that we will also follow. It provides a list of the items you need to get your max skill on the profession. However, a recommendation is to buy a little bit more than the listed items because there maybe times that the item being crafted will not give a skill up. It’s better to have more than less or your customer might get mad. You can also tell them that if ever the items you give them aren’t enough, you’d buy it for them free of charge.

Essentially, what you are going to do is a little buy and sell. You buy all the items and sell them as a whole and add a profit. People are willing to buy these profession kits because of the convenience. They won’t have to search for everything anymore, you do! You can do this auction house searching at your spare time while waiting for a battleground queue or waiting for a raid, which makes selling profession kits a nice way of earning gold with minimum effort.

Getting the Materials

For example, you are going to sell an Enchanting 1-450 kit, we are going to follow this enchanting list and search in the auction house for the materials. Do not buy items that are obviously overpriced. Auctioneer will help you determine if the items are overpriced by looking at the % on the right side when you search for the item.
profession kit

Unless the item is really hard to find (meaning you’ve tried searching for the item several days already), I wouldn’t buy items above 120% and instead, just wait for the item to decrease in price. The cheaper you get the items, the more profit you will make.

Some items that need to be crafted require a recipe. Make sure you buy recipes as well. They can be bought from NPCs and are cheap anyway.

Use Excel Sheets

Use excel sheets to determine what you’ve already bought for how much, their quantity, and how many extra items you bought for back up (just in case the customer needs more). This way, you can track how much you’ve spent, which items you’re still looking for, and how much you will charge your customer. Download this professions power leveling kit (.zip file) where I compiled the profession guides from wow-professions.
profession kit
In the comments part you can put how much left you have to make. Let's say you bought 200 Linen Cloth but 250 is needed, you put in the Spent Column - 50 gold and then put "need 50 more" in the comments part. Once completed, check the box under the "complete" column.

If you have any questions, leave it all here! :)


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