Rogue Glyph Guide for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

The glyphs for Rogues available in Cataclysm is as rewarding as ever, as several new glyphs have jumped into the fray that will both tickle excitement and level frustrations as 3 slots sometimes won't be enough to appease our needs. What's good about this though is that it allows us players to experiment various combinations that will suit our rotation/priorities as we boost both our energy management, combo points generation and ultimately, our DPS.

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, we already know that Glyph are permanently learned and only need Vanishing Powder/Dust of Disappearance whenever a player needs to re-glyph, plus we also have the convenience of our glyph settings getting saved on your current spec.

So what are the best glyphs for a Rogue, especially when it comes to dungeons and raiding? This guide will help you make those choices once you're all set to the road of becoming the best shadow assassin in your server (or guild if you're not that confident)

Prime Glyphs

Assassination Rogue Set: Glyph of MutilateGlyph of BackstabGlyph of Vendetta
Combat Rogue Set: Glyph of Sinister StrikeGlyph of Slice and DiceGlyph of Revealing Strike
Subtlety Rogue Set: Glyph of BackstabGlyph of EviscerateGlyph of Hemorrhage

Wow, unlike other classes, the Rogue has several unique glyphs that can increase DPS output of certain abilities that would prove beneficial for a particular talent spec.

The Sublety Rogue will depend more on their bleed abilities, so the Glyph of Hemorrhage is definitely out there. Having a Backstab glyph works since it's our primary CP generator. While Glyphing for Eviscerate on the otherhand gives us higher crit strike chances since we'd be spamming this often as our finisher move.

For the Combat Rogue, the glyphs here really depends on your choice. But preferably, use Sinister Strike, Slice and Dice, and Revealing Strike since Combat Rogues depend on their energy regeneration and haste. The faster you can land those Sinister Strikes, the faster your CP would build up. Revealing Strike is basically your cherry on top of the ice cream.

For Assassination Rogues, Mutilate and Backstab will be your prime CP builders and their glyphs can help you stack them up fast. Vendetta glyph is a sweet one as it increases the duration of the ability.

Major Glyphs

Glyph of Tricks of the TradeGlyph of Blade Flurry (Combat), Glyph of Fan of KnivesGlyph of Expose Armor

It's actually just a toss-up between these 4. Although I would be more careful when choosing Fan of Knives especially since many encounters in Cataclysm dungeons require CC.

Tricks of Trade may diminish your target/tank's damage bonus, but who cares, no Energy!

Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Blurred SpeedGlyph of PoisonsGlyph of Safe Fall

Usually these glyphs are just for PvP purposes, but fun to use nonetheless.


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