Jewelcrafting Gold Making Part 2 – Selling Your Gems

jewelcrafting gold guide

We also need the help of Auctions Profit Master in order to sell your gems very quickly. Open up your APM by typing /apm config . Click on the item group tab on the left side, and add a new group named “gems”. I’m sure you’ll find other uses for APM, like selling your herbs,ores,fishes, etc. This is why we are separating each item groups so they will have a setting of their own. Press “okay” and you should be able to see the “gems” item group on the left side.
Jewelcrafting gold guide

Click your gems item group and you should be able to see a picture similar to that of the above. Here we will be configuring settings for your gem business. You will only need to do this once (unless you want to adjust your settings). If you do not understand what the setting is all about, you can mouse over the setting and it will show a short description.

These are my settings. Feel free to have your own setting depending on your server. My post time for my gems is only 12 hours because in my experience, if the gem isn’t sold within 12 hours, most likely someone has undercut your gem already. Also, gem deposits are quite expensive. If you put in on 24 or 48 hours and it’s undercut within 12 hours, you will be wasting money on deposits. Again, this is only based on my experience. My post cap is only 4, meaning 4 gems maximum of each cut that I have will be posted at one time. Per auction is at 1 because gems don’t stack anyway, so each auction will be posted per one piece.

jewelcrafting gold guide

Scroll down a bit and you will see something similar to the picture above. Override undercut means how much you will undercut the lowest priced gem in the auction house. My setting is 30 silver which means every time I use APM to post my gems, it will undercut the lowest price by 30 silver. The bid percent is at 100% because I don’t want anyone bidding for my gems at a lower price. The threshold is at 95 gold which means If the lowest gem in the auction house is below 95 gold, APM will no longer post that certain gem. This is quite useful if you bought your raw epic gems from the Auction house. For instance, you bought your raw epic gems for around 85 gold. By setting the threshold at 95 gold, you will be guaranteed at least ~9g (minus AH cut) profit whenever APM posts your gems because it will not post your gems lower than 95 gold.

Price gap is kind of tricky to understand. This confused me at first too. Let’s say there are 3 Cardinal Scarlet Rubies posted in the auction house. The lowest is yours at 100g, next is 105g, and the highest price is 150 gold. If the 105 gold Scarlet Ruby expires, and there’s more than 30% different between the 100gold and 150gold, then it will cancel your 100gold ruby and post it again at a price closer to the 150 gold. If it’s still not clear, mouse over the description for the example of the addon’s author.

jewelcrafting gold guide

Scroll down a bit and you will see the fallback settings. I only set override fallback at 190 gold. This means that if there is no competition at the auction house of a certain gem, APM will price it at 190 gold. Feel free to experiment with auto fallback and max price. In my opinion, they aren’t that necessary.

jewelcrafting gold guide

Now, go to the “add items” tab. Make sure your epic gems are in your bag. Find the epic gems and click them. This will tell APM that these are the gems that you want to follow your gems item group settings. If you made a mistake like clicking a Runic Healing Potion, you can always remove it from the list on the “Remove items” tab.

jewelcrafting gold guide

Talk to the Auctioneer guy and click on the “auctions” tab. You will be able to see a “Post” button at the top of the window. Clicking on this will automatically post your gems so make sure the gems are in your bags.
jewelcrafting gold guide

You can click the “Log” button to see what APM is doing. In this example, Veiled Ametrine wasn’t posted because the lowest buyout at the moment is 92 gold and the threshold that I set was 95 gold. Posting it below 95 gold wouldn’t give me any profit. I’d rather wait for Veiled Ametrine to increase in price than to sell it below my threshold.

You can always check if someone undercut you by pressing the “cancel” button. APM will scan the auction house if someone undercut you, and if someone did, APM will cancel your auctions. If you do not like this autocancel feature, you can turn it off in your item group setting (refer to 2nd picture above).

Just keep on repeating what you’ve learned in part 1 of Jewelcrafting Gold Making guide. Rinse and repeat and adjust APM settings when necessary. Congratulations! You’ve just set up your Jewelcrafting gold making business! Remember, you have to keep on practicing your gold making skills. You will always learn something new as you keep on


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