Inscription Herb Buying Guide

Scribes that do not have a character who herbs may have trouble getting enough supplies for their glyph business. There comes a time that you really need to buyout herbs from the AH. The question is, how do you know at what herb price will still give you profit selling 5 gold glyphs?

Luckily enough, the Greedy Goblin has already analyzed this issue with the help of Elsprofessions. Quoting the Greedy Goblin: “With this in mind, the acceptable price of the herbs is the one below. In parenthesis you will find an example with my current prices, 2G/ink of the sea and 12G/snowfall ink: • Icethorn, Lichbloom (lvl80): herb_price * 5 = 1.5 * sea_price + 0.3 * snowfall_price (1.32G) • Adder's tongue (lvl 77): herb_price * 5 = 1.43 * sea_price + 0.25 * snowfall_price (1.16G) • Talandra's rose, Goldclover, Deadnettle, Tiger lily (lvl72): herb_price * 5 = 1.3 * sea_price + 0.16 * snowfall_price (0.89G) • Other herbs (approximated with lvl x5): herb_price * 5 = 1.38 * sea_price (0.55G)” – Greedy Goblin

With these analyzed data, I put everything on an excel sheet. You just have to put a price tag on your Ink of the Sea and Snowfall Ink to determine the maximum price you can spend on herbs so that you will still profit. Only change the values of the Sea Price and Snowfall Price. Leave the other numbers alone :) .

herb excel sheet

For example, I set the selling price of Ink of the Sea at 2 gold each and Snowfall ink at 12 gold each, the excel file will tell me at what price I can buy certain herbs so that I will profit even though I just sold the inks. Greedy Goblin advices scribes to sell inks as well because some people would just like to buy inks so their friend can make the glyph. Also, it’s important to sell Snowfall Ink. Even if you just sell a few of them, you can get the money you used to buy a whole stack of herbs. You can definitely profit from this strategy because glyphs sell for 5g+ and the calculations only assume you’re going to sell inks.


Plus, sometimes, you are going to be able to sell glyphs at 20g+, making the inscription business a really lucrative profession even though you bought the herbs from the Auction House.

You can download the excel sheet from my blog's inscription guide.

Note: If you think there’s anything wrong with the excel sheet, please let me know.


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