Inscription Gold Making Part 3 – Crafting Glyphs Using Auctions Profit Master

The hardest part of in making money from glyphs is identifying which glyphs sell a lot and sell often. After you’ve learned all of the glyphs from inscription research and book of glyphs, there are going to be a huge selection of glyphs to choose from. Searching them one by one and checking their prices in the auction house will make you wish you just picked a different profession instead. What’s worse is glyph prices change all the time. You wouldn’t want to waste most of your time in front of the auction house searching for glyph prices. Luckily, Auctions Profit Master was made. This addon is the ultimate life-saver for scribes. It will take care of scanning glyph prices for you, queuing glyphs to craft, and post the glyphs too!

1. Scan the auction house for glyph prices
crafting glyphs
Talk to the auctioneer guy, and click on the auctions tab below (#1.) Then, click the Summary button at the top (#2). A window of Auction Profit Master will pop up. Click on the glyphs button (#3) and click on Get Data (#4). It will take a while to scan all the glyphs (see mine took a minute and 28 seconds). Now you have all the prices of the glyphs.

2. Look for glyphs worth making

On the right window, you will see all the glyphs categorized per class. On the picture above, I brought down the glyphs for warlocks. You see the glyph of unstable affliction costs the highest at 104 gold each. Your profit greatly depends on how much you bought the herbs (Read Inscription Herb Buying Guide) or inks of the sea (because you can trade them for other inks to make the other glyphs). Nevertheless, a glyph for 104 gold each is already high. Now, click on the name of the glyph you want to craft. You will notice there will be a number that appears on the left side, indicating how much of that glyph you are going to craft. If you want to decrease the number, you can “right click” the name of the glyph. If you see an X mark beside the glyph name, this means that you haven’t learned this glyph yet so keep on doing inscription research and buying book of glyphs. Check all classes, find the glyphs that will give you a profit, and click on them to put them on queue.

3. Buying the Materials
crafting glyphs
Open up your inscription book and you will see a QA button at the right hand corner. Click this and a window will pop up. You will be able to see the glyphs that you want to make, and the required materials to make all these.
crafting glyphs
Now, go to Dalaran to where the Inscription vendors are. Click on Jessica Sellers, and click “Buy” on the left hand corner of your tradeskill window. If you need inks other than Ink of the Sea to craft all the glyphs in the queue, this “Buy” button will automatically trade inks for you.

crafting glyphs
Next, Talk to Larana Drome (pro tip: she’s just beside Jessica Sellers lol). Again, click on the “Buy” button to automatically purchase the parchments needed to craft all the glyphs in your queue. Now, you will see the Materials Required on the right window is now colored green. This means you are ready to craft your glyphs!

4. Crafting the Glyphs
quick auctions
Clicking on the name of the glyph will craft the glyph. Keep doing this until your queue list is empy. It’s that easy!


Excellent step by step guide

Excellent step by step guide on how to make wow gold selling glyphs!


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Very Useful information!


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