Inscription Gold Making Part 2 – Addons

You cannot be successful in the inscription business without the use of addons. Well, maybe you can, but you’ll spend countless hours finding which glyph to make and listing them one by one. Addons will definitely make your life scribe life easier. There are a lot of addons that will help you in the business but it’s really up to you to combine which ones work for you. Nevertheless, here are some essential addons to start up your inscription business:

1. Auctioneer: This addon is used to scan all the prices in the AH. This will be useful in order for you to know which glyphs have a high selling price for the day (because glyph prices change daily). Some players think this addon uses too much memory and sometimes crashes. For those who don’t like this addon, try Auctionator instead. Auctionator also provides an auction house scan.

2. Auctionator: Buying huge stacks of herbs will be a lot easier with this addon. If you want to buy 18 stacks of 20 for herbs, you can do it in one click. What’s more is you can make a shopping list with Auctionator. You no longer have to type the item you continuously search for. With the shopping list open, you just click on the item name and it will search the AH for it.

quick auctions
3. Auctions Profit Master: If glyphs are your bullets, Auctions Profit Master is your gun. Once it’s set up correctly, you don’t have to post your glyphs one by one. Just click the button Post and it will post all your glyphs. You can also cancel all glyphs that were undercut just by pressing one button. APM also allows you to see the summary of the prices of the glyphs to check which ones are worth crafting. It also allows you to list the glyphs you want to craft, and craft them just by clicking on the glyph’s name on the list. Neat, huh?

4. KTQ + Skillet: If you are already familiar with what glyphs get bought out so quickly, you can use this addon to check if you still have a stock of the glyph. If not, KTQ will tell Skillet to queue up the glyphs you need to restock. This is useful so you don’t check glyphs individually and see if you still have a stock. This also works well with the addon altoholic, just in case some glyphs are in another toon.

5. Postal: If you don’t want to open 100+ sold/unsold auctions one by one, use this mail addon. With one click, you’ll be able to get everything in the mailbox.

Get used to using these addons. You can also use these addons for your other professions. These are not limited to being used in the inscription business. More information on how to use these addons in future posts!


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