Inscription Gold Making Part 1- Leveling Inscription

Inscription is a very lucrative profession. However, it’s not a very popular one. Players tend to think that because of dual spec, buyers of glyphs will be very limited; once players have bought their glyphs, they will never buy again. What they completely miss out is dual spec is only limited to 2 specs (thanks captain obvious). They forget that there are 3 talent trees, with a lot of different possible combinations. And captain obvious also says there are the different PvP specs and PvE specs. Besides that, there are A LOT of players in your server. I guarantee, glyphs are bought on a daily basis.

Leveling Inscription

If you don’t have a character with inscription yet, it’s about time to make one. Leveling inscription is tricky. If you search for Inscription leveling guides in Google, all you get is a list of the herbs you need to mill, and then make glyphs. Wise farmers profit from these famous profession leveling guides across the net by farming old world herbs and selling them for a very expensive price (as much as 5 gold a piece!).
Patch 3.3.3 made it possible for an alternative way of leveling inscription. In Dalaran, Jessica Sellers trade any “old world” inks for Snowfall Inks. Since there are more people farming for WOTLK herbs (icethorn, goldclover, lichbloom, etc.), the price is cheaper than old world herbs. These herbs are then turned into Snowfall Inks by scribes in order to make glyphs or just to sell the inks the AH. If you have a friend scribe, you can buy cheap herbs and ask him to mill it and make inks for you (however, this takes a lot of time away from your friend, so prepare to tip). Also, you can just buy Snowfall Inks from the AH and trade them to Jessica Sellers. Watch out for really cheap Snowfall Inks. I've seen them go as low as 2g per piece.

You can now look in profession leveling guides and see what kind of glyphs they are making. The glyphs listed in these guides are the ones that use the least amount of materials. As an alternative, you could check the Auction House and see which ones sell for a high price so you can get back the money you spent in buying Snowfall Inks while leveling Rinse and repeat.

Don’t forget to use Minor Inscription Research (available at 75 skill) and Northrend Inscription Research (available at 385 skill) whenever it’s available. You will need especially the glyphs learned from Northrend Inscription Research to maximize your Inscription skill. Also watch out for Book of Glyph Mastery on the AH; these provide glyphs that you will not learn elsewhere. When you’ve leveled your Inscription enough, it’s time to make money out of it. Watch out for Part 2 of Inscription Gold Making!


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