Inscription Gold Guide for Cataclysm

Inscription was the cash cow in WOTLK. Eventually, it became very cheap to make a glyph and people need glyphs all the time. Glyphs prices were selling for as low as 5 gold each but were selling like pancakes. This turned the auction house into a camping competition – whoever can stay in front of the auction house the longest to cancel glyphs and relist the glyphs gets more gold.
Cataclysm changed the demand for glyphs. People now only need to buy glyphs once and will never have to buy glyphs again. So imagine that this priest has already bought all the glyphs required for PvE and PvP, he will never have to go to the auction house ever again for his entire WoW career. Because of this change, a lot of scribes abandoned inscription as their gold cash cow and turned into other professions like jewelcrafting.
If you take a look at the glyph prices right now, they are above 75g+ each. But that is because glyphs now costs 3 inks to make. One stack of cinderbloom, the cheapest cataclysm herb, is around 90 gold. Just the huge price of cataclysm herbs made scribes disinterested in crafting glyphs for profit. The question remains: is it still possible to make huge amounts of gold from buying cataclysm herbs, making glyphs and selling them? Yes! I have in fact doubled the gold that I have invested and have used the gold to buy me Chelley’s Staff of Darkmending, which costs around 20k gold. I am also a casual gamer, which means camping in the Auction House is totally not an option.
If you’re still new to inscription, I suggest you read first Inscription Gold Guide Part 1-4 right here in When you’re done with that, come back here.
Buying Herbs

First and foremost, you need to know if the prices of the herbs in your server will allow you to profit from it by just milling them and selling the inks. If you could do that, then you could definitely profit from making glyphs.
To know if you can profit from just milling and selling inks, go to Milling/Glyph Spreadsheet and download the spreadsheet. Input your server’s herb prices and see if you can profit from just selling the inks. The spreadsheet will also tell you how much you should be selling your glyphs to just break even, after selling the inferno inks. If the certain herb can make you profit from just selling inks, then go ahead and buy a lot of stacks of it. Mill all of them and turn them into Blackfallow inks and Inferno Inks.

Pro tip: some people are still farming WOTLK herbs and sell them very cheap. Some glyphs require Ink of the Sea, which you could get from milling WOTLK herbs. When you mill northrend herbs, it will also give you Snowfall Ink, which in my experience, are hard to sell. So whenever you buy northrend herbs for milling, make sure they cost a lot less than the price of one glyph. For instance, 1 stack of Adder's Tongue only costs 20 gold. I could make at least one glyph from this stack and sell it for at least 40 gold (worst case scenario). This will still give me a 20 gold profit without even selling the Snowfall Ink.
Putting Glyphs on Queue

Go to the auction house and use your Auctions Profit Master. See what glyphs sell at the highest price and put them on queue for crafting. If you have to idea what Auctions Profit Master is, please read first Crafting Glyphs Using Auctions Profit Master.

What I do to avoid over-production is to only craft one glyph of each. This works for me especially because auction house campers wouldn’t see you as a huge threat to their glyph business. They may not undercut you so often because you’re selling only 1 glyph of each anyway, compared to other scribes who post 3-5 glyphs of each. Crafting 1 glyph of each also allows you to craft more kinds of glyphs, diversifying the glyphs you can make and getting more chance of getting your money back.
Once you've crafted your glyphs already, post them also using Auctions Profit Master. If you have no idea how, please read Posting Glyphs Using Auctions Profit Master.

Canceling and Reposting Glyphs

Cancel your glyphs using Auction Profit Master and get your glyphs from the mail by using Postal. These addons will save you huge amounts of time.

How often should you cancel and repost glyphs? This will be clearly up to your availability and schedule. Please don't try to camp the auction house all day. I could still make profit even though there are days that I couldn't even log on World of Warcraft. So cancel when you can. Don't stress if someone has already undercut you. Don't worry, you will still be able to sell your glyphs.

Crafting More Glyphs

If you think your supply of glyphs are already low, go ahead and craft some more. Especially for those who chose to craft only 1 glyph of each, your glyph may have probably been sold already and you're missing potential profit by not crafting more of those kinds of glyphs. Find herbs, mill them, sell Inferno Inks and craft glyphs.
Selling Inferno Inks

One of the biggest techniques to help get the money back from buying herbs is by selling Inferno Inks. You should not ignore this ink because it sells for around 150 gold each. The calculations from the spreadsheet say that you can make a profit from selling inks INCLUDING INFERNO INKS. Selling these inks is a huge factor why we scribes can still make a profit by selling glyphs. If you do not sell these, your profit will be very small.

Mysterious Fortune Card

If you have extra Blackfallow inks, you should craft Mysterious Fortune Cards. This is Blizzard's item for gambling in game. By opening Mysterious Fortune Cards, a player has a chance of winning 5000 gold. Of course the odds of that is very small, but a lot of people are tempted to spend around 19 gold for a chance to win 5000 gold (just like gambling in the real world). Crafting Mysterious Fortune Cards only requires 1 Blackfallow Ink and 1 Resilient Parchment. Instead of just selling Blackfallow Inks, sell Mysterious Fortune Cards because 1) it sells for more and 2) it sells so much faster. 

You could advertise in the trade channel after you have posted the Mysterious Fortune Cards to make it sell faster. Here's an example "Mysterious Fortune Cards now in the AH. Get a chance to win 5000 gold by just flipping one card!"

Dust of Disappearance

This item is what's needed if people want to change their current glyphs to a different one. Do not craft these dusts, as 2 Blackfallow inks are required to make 1 dust. One Blackfallow ink already sells for around 15 gold each, and Dust of Disappearance is selling for around 14-19 gold each making it not worth it to craft these. However, these dusts are also sold by vendors for around 10 gold. You could buy these dusts and sell them at 14 gold, giving you 4 gold profit per dust. I have no idea why people still buy these of the Auction House even though it clearly says in the tooltip that it is sold by inscription vendors. Nevertheless, people still buy these! This will bring extra profit to your inscription business.

Buying Cards, Selling Decks

It is quite expensive to try and craft your own darkmoon cards because you will get cards of the same number most of the time, and will take a lot of time and money before you can make your own darkmoon card. It would be a lot easier if you just buy darkmoon cards, putting them together and make a deck. The three decks that sells a lot are Volcano, Tsunami, and Hurricane. Search the auction house every now and then for cheap cards. Take note of how much you have already spent on the cards so when you sell the deck, you should be getting a huge profit. This method requires a lot of patience (and money).

For the Volcanic Deck, you need to find ace to eight of Embers; for the Tsunami Deck, you need to find ace to eight of Waves; for the Hurricane Deck, you need to find ace to eight of Winds.

Tracking Your Progress

Download the addon called Accountant. This addon will track how much you have spent and how much money you got back.


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