Hunter's Raiding Guide to Dragon Soul: Morchok

You've come this far slinging arrows into monster's chests and sometimes took an arrow to the knee on your own, and after all the harships you've come through, the weird bosses you've fought, the struggles of enduring with your annoying raid mates, now is the time to finally enter Deathwing's last bastion of destruction as he tries to complete the impending Cataclysm to the world you know as Azeroth.
Are you gonna let him end everything you've worked so hard for this past year? Of course not! And we're here to help you Hunters deal with Deathwing and his remaining forces in World of Warcraft Cataclysm's final (and somehow underwhelming) raid, Dragon Soul. And we're gonna start off with the strongest Elemental (seriously?) according to its official description, Morchok.
Overall, Morchok is a tank and spank fight with a little stacking involved in order to mitigate his deadly earth element attacks. To fail in stacking would mean to fail in life... healthpoint life that is. Now I know stacking might be a bane for Hunters since it usually involves going too close to the boss and activating our dead zone area (y u no come closer, Mists of Pandaria?!). HOWEVER, it ain't so bad at all in this encounter since you won't meet Mr. Deadzone anytime soon here (and the Hunter world rejoices).
Before we start, let's talk about his abilities (many thanks to the people of for this!):
Stomp — Morchok performs a massive stomp, splitting 750000[note 1] damage between all enemies within 30 yards. The two closest targets take a double share of the damage. In Heroic Difficulty Stomp also increases the Physical damage taken by affected players by 50% for 10 sec.
Crush Armor  — Morchok strikes his current target, inflicting 120% normal melee damage and reducing the target's armor by 10% for 20 sec. This effect stacks up to 10 times. Morchok does not use this ability on heroic mode.
Resonating Crystal  — Morchok conjures an explosive crystal onto the battlefield that explodes after 12 sec. for massive Shadow damage. The explosion splits the damage between the three (seven in 25-man) closest players, and the total damage inflicted increases the farther away each player is from the crystal.
Furious — At 20% remaining health, Morchok becomes furious and increases his attack speed by 30% and his damage inflicted by 20%.
The Earth Consumes You! — Morchok uses the power of the earth to draw all players to him, inflicting 5% of their total health as Physical damage every sec. for 5 sec. While the power of the earth draws the players to him, Morchok also summons Earth's Vengence.
Earth's Vengence — Shards of Earth's Vengence erupt from the ground, inflicting 15000[note 2] Physical damage to nearby players within 2 yards and leaving behind obstacles.
Black Blood of the Earth — Morchok causes the Black Blood of the Earth to erupt outwards from him, inflicting 5000[note 3] Nature damage and increasing Nature damage taken by 100% every sec. while a player stands within the blood. This effect stacks up to 20 times.

The Morchok fight consists of two recurring phases: The Resonating Crystal Phase and the Black Blood of Earth Phase. These phases have two different strategies involved. The first one is a stacking phase, while the second is GTFO that creeping black ooze phase.
The Resonating Crystal phase involves Morchok's ability, you guessed it, Resonating Crystal. It's a huge red-purplish orb that appears near random raid members. The orb links itself to the 3 (or 7 in 25-man) nearest players and will give massive Shadow damage after 12 seconds. Now the damage we're talking about isn't that bad, but getting hit by them consecutively might spell doom to you and the raid. When dealing with Resonating Crystals, always make sure every member of the raid (save the tanks) have their fair share of damage. Once you see other raid members being hit by the crystal, once the crystal spawns again, immediately stack to where it is so you can be next. And vice versa.
Another thing to know about this phase is Morchok's Stomp ability. This causes massive damage shared to the raid members within the ability's 25 yard radius. Now usually people should run from such an attack, but in this case, the raid should stack close to Morchok, or in Hunter's case, close to Morchok at the same time not hitting our deadzone, so that the damage output for each member is minimal. Remember to not stack too close (say, closer than the tank's range...why would you do that?) because if you're one of the two who stacks the closest, you get double the damage.
The second phase is the Black Blood Phase. Here, Morchok will pull all raid members towards him as he drops huge chunks of rocks around the raiding area. The moment the raid has been pulled, he will cast Black Blood of the Earth which causes massive damage if not avoided soon. The only way to avoid this is to run behind the chunks of rocks he pulled down until he stops using Black Blood. So yes, do not force yourself to DPS here or your toast. Let your pet do the scratching and biting for a moment.
Once you survived the Black Blood Phase, it's all back to Phase One.
When it comes to your Aspect, as usual Aspect of the Hawk is your best bet. Don't bother switching from Hawk to Fox, Fox to Hawk when you're moving, cause it's kinda a waste to your GCD.
Overall, it's a pretty easy fight as long as you know what you're doing and when you're gonna do it. Do not force DPS when not necessary or when you're trying to Survive. It isn't much of a DPS race since Morchok has a generous Enrage timer. Just do your rotations and shots properly and you're fine.
Once you're through, if the gods of drops are on your side, you'll get a new glove piece, Sporebeard Gauntlets
Congrats! You're one step closer to giving Deathwing's chin a punch of a lifetime!


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