Hunter Pre-Raiding Gear for Cataclysm

Getting the good gears is never easy for a Hunter. First because most of the best pre-raiding gear comes from heroic dungeons. Second, heroic dungeon queue waiting time is like an entire episode of House or any other show you'd like to watch for 40mins. Third, whenever we did get into a heroic dungeon, Blizzard seems completely biased dropping cloth/intel and plate/tanking more often than Agility based DPS. Fourth, a cat druid, enhance shaman, or a rogue usually want what we want. Great.
Well here's a fun fact for you, some of the best gears for a slot doesn't always come from heroics. Many come from Cataclysm faction quartermasters and even professions. But yeah, you either have to be revered/exalted first by equipping a tabbard so you still grinding through heroics, or have to be rich in 
purchasing profession crafted items. In other words we're screwed nonetheless. lol. But hey, on the brightside you don't always have to hope for the best whenever you fight against the baddies of Halls of Origination (longest dungeon ever) and Grim Batol.

Here are the best pre-raiding gears a hunter can have. I've taken the liberty of dividing them by Faction Quartermaster purchases, Professions, and Heroic Dungeon drops.
Happy grinding (there's nothing happy about it...)

Cataclysm Quartermasters
Justice Points Quartermaster


Throne of the Tides
Blackrock Caverns
The Vortex Pinnacle
Halls of Origination
Lost City of Tol'vir
Grim Batol
Shadowfang Keep


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