Feline Fury: Feral Cat Druid Level 80 Starter Kit

Druid Level 80 Guide: Make Mince Meat Out of the Competition!

Nature beckons. Life, as we know it, is at the brink of extinction; as the Undead Scourge continues to ravage every living thing, the Burning Legion still hell bent on entering our world, and now we have Deathwing and his dragonflight eagerly waiting until Cataclysm arrives. The tasks at hand are definitely too much to handle especially with the 2 warring factions continue to attempt to dominate the other. But no matter how deep the hatred the Horde and Alliance have for eachother, both factions would agree that any army seeking to protect the fabric of life needs people who are attuned with the heart and soul of Azeroth , and that’s where we, the Druids, come in.

Druids are one of Azeroth’s greatest sons, and the probably the greatest of champions. Throughout history where war and conflict repetitively threatens all existence, druids rise from our seclusion to heal, support, and defend the lands from total annihilation. Wise beyond any class or learnings, we are blessed by nature to shift into any primal creature Azeroth has produced, allowing us to serve and adapt to various purposes in any situation.

Now as you have ventured all over Azeroth and Outland, you are well aware that a druid can perform several tasks and is capable of utilizing the disciplines of mana, for healing and spellcasting; energy, for feral DPS; and rage, for feral tanking. A Druid has always been welcomed in any group or raid due to the versatility of the character, and the ability to become really good in its chosen specialty or talent tree. And in this guide, we’ll be talking about the Feral Cat Druid, the druid that loves to claw its way to the top.

Rip, tear, shred and mangle; whatever Feral Cat Druids do, their enemies always end up diced meat after a good beating. Cat druids are one of the best DPS dealers in the game, having several burst DPS and bleed abilities that allow them to hit enemies hard. That, equipped with the druids support buffs such as Gift of the Wild and debuffs like Faerie Fire, Cat druids have become increasingly essential in a run.

However, the diversity of a druid also has its downside sometimes as other classes overshadow a Cat druid’s DPS, especially if you’re still new to the feral business. So is all hope lost for our friendly feline? Well, if you know how to play your Cat Druid properly, then you’ll have no trouble at all beating your raid’s Rogue or Warrior in the DPS chart.

Knowing the basics on how to progress after hitting level cap is just as important as getting into raids. Wrath of the Lich King raids are open to every level 80 toon, but they’re not all as welcoming to neophytes with level 78 staves or non-heroic dungeon head gear. Arthas and even Yogg-Saron can bring you down with just a glance. This won’t exactly impress your raid leader, so you have to crawl before you can prowl. This guide aims to give you the basics in talent building, gearing, gemming and enchanting, and everything essential to pave the way from zero to hero.

So, are you ready to make Malfurion Stormrage and Hamuul Runetotem proud? Go get ‘em tiger. 


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