Death's Embrace: A Walkthrough Guide for New Level 80 Warlocks

Welcome dark casters to your doom!.. Well to be accurate, your enemies doom. We are talking to you right now because you have just begun your new journey as a level 80 Warlock. But rest assured that your feats are far from impressive. You may have been champions in the toughest of dungeons in Northrend, defeated ferocious enemies for the Dragonblight or any other faction in Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord, but all of them are nothing to what you will face now that you’ve hit level cap. Your gears are worthless; your magic is infantile for the awesome might of your new challenge, heroic dungeons and Northrend raids.

But worry not, young shadow dweller, as hundreds of the greatest Warlocks in Azeroth began to where you are right now. So it is our duty to educate you on the basics of what you need to know when you take off your baby diapers and start doing what adults do (sexual undertones not intended). So let’s get your started.

Pain, according to Webster’s dictionary: it’s a physical suffering or distress, as due to injury, illness, and so on. But I’m sure if Webster ever played World of Warcraft, it would define pain in one word: Warlocks. Warlocks are the quintessential class that grants all enemies a long and excruciating death. Even in the face of defeat, a Warlock’s spell still remains alive inside an enemy, inflicting damage over time.

From the inner recesses of the Twisting Nether, dark and demonic energies reign supeme with no chance of survival, no hope for life. These energies are what Warlocks feed upon, energies they channel mercilessly to those who dare to challenge them.

Warlocks are undoubtedly one of the most important classes in the game when it comes to end-game raiding. Their ability to inflict Damage-Overtime spells and Burst DPS makes them an effective damage dealer in almost any situation. And because they often cast  DOTs, threat building isn’t much of an issue as they give tanks plenty of time to hold aggro. Plus unlike other classes that find it hard to hit several targets in an encounter, Warlocks are ideal for inflicting several DOT spells on other enemies as they focus fire on their primary target. If played properly, a Warlock can easily become the top DPS dealer in a raid (and I have seen this very often).

And finally, a Warlock is valued by most raids as they can cast several spells that can save time and effort for the entire group such as Summoning, Healthstone, and Soulstone and certain buffs that give that extra fire power to other DPS or healers.

But the problem to first time Warlocks is that they have no clue what to do once they hit level 80, especially if this is their very first toon in World of Warcraft. “Now what” is what most of them ask when then hit their final ping! as they begin to wonder and wander around the wrong places trying to get better gear and some good ‘ol end-game content.

Well search no more as this guide will help you begin your journey in the sinister world of the dark arts. We will be discussing your talent tree and a recommended talent build to optimize your DPS, some gears you’d want to have to prepare you for some easy raid instances, gems and enchants for your equipment, and a pretty quick and simple guide on what to do in a raid.

So gather up your soul shards and summon your Felguard, it’s time to make inflict some pain and suffering.



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