Alchemy Spreadsheet Cataclysm

It is here! An alchemy spreadsheet updated for Cataclysm items. Listed here are the items that are commonly bought. Elixirs are not included because its effects wears off upon death and is a waste of money. When you download the alchemy spreadsheet, there will be a list of items on the right side. Only change the values that are in yellow highlight. It will automatically calculate for you how much you can profit from creating an item. Procs are not counted in the profit. If there's anything wrong with the formula, please let us know!


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Thanks eldorm and mono! :)

Thanks eldorm and mono! :) I'm planning to make charts for every profession. If there's anything missing in it and you'd like included, or you have different ideas on what to write about, let me know! mono - I also want vial of sands for myself hehe. Someday!

Great chart, going to

Great chart, going to download it now!

I wonder when will Vial of

I wonder when will Vial of Sands finally lower their prices. :( Not too soon I suppose. Awesome chart btw!


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