Alchemy Gold Guide for Elixir Masters

If you’re an alchemist, at one point you have to choose what kind of mastery you want – elixir, potions, or transmute. Elixir masters have the chance to create multiple elixirs and flasks with the price of one set of materials. For example, making one flask of endless rage may end up being five flasks, just because you’re one lucky dude that day. Elixir masters can make a lot of profit because of these procs (what these extras are called). And as you already know, flasks are A MUST in raids, making these flasks sell like pancakes right before raid time.
alchemy gold guide
Download the alchemy flasks spreadsheet to help you calculate how much you can profit from making flasks.

Here’s an alchemy spreadsheet that will help you determine at what price you should sell endless rage and frost wyrm in order to profit. Change the values that are highlighted with yellow. Think of how many flasks you want to make rage but do not count the x2 multiplier. Let’s say you want to craft 20 flasks of endless rage, with these 20 flasks, you will really get 40 in the end because each set of mats will make 2 flasks. Take note of the lowest price you've seen for flask of endless rage and flask of the frost wyrm. If you put these values in the spreadsheet, you will know how much you could pay for the raw materials in order for you to still profit. Just in case flasks price drops to its lowest again, you are still making profit and your gold keeps on moving.

Also, the profit doesn’t count the procs that you make because it is so random. There are no exact statistics on how much flasks procs. Some players have documented how much they proc but it is really different for each player. Some report 15% proc rates, 10%, 5%, etc., but some haven’t even proccd after making 200 flasks. So the deal here is if you can make a profit from these flasks without even counting the procs, then obviously you can make a lot more when it procs.

alchemy gold guide

Frost lotus may have taken a price drop and also dropped the price of the flasks from around 35+g to around 19 gold each, but still you can make a profit from this. Frost lotus is really cheap now which makes flasks buying more affordable for all and hence, more flask buyers! The number of buyers increase, which makes your profit increase too despite the low selling price of flasks.

alchemy gold guide

If you can find cheaper materials, the lower you can bring the price down and the faster your flasks can be bought out. There are still farmers going around (as we all know, they never seem to die anyway). You can spot people in sholazar basin and storm peaks from time to time and see who never goes offline. Add them to your friends list and ask if they are selling herbs. Aside from that, you can spot cheap herbs during off-peak hours because on peak hours, most likely the cheap herbs have already been bought out. For instance, at the picture above, during peak hours the lowest price is 1.12g per piece. Now, after raid hours, the cheapest is now .95g per piece. The cheapest icethorn I’ve seen is 0.6g each on off-peak hours where even dalaran looked like a ghost town.

Only flasks are worth making because no one bothers to buy elixirs anymore. Even though you can proc from it, people don’t like the idea that the buff wears off after they die. Forget the elixirs and just keep making flasks.

When listing your flasks in the auction house, use different number stacks size. For example, you sell per one piece, but also sell per stacks of 5, 10, and 20. This way, you are covering the different stack size needs of buyers.

You can also sell your flasks to guilds (even to your own guild!). Having consistent customers will definitely help your flask business because you wouldn’t have to fight the undercutting game in the Auction House anymore. You can offer big bulks of flasks to guilds because guilds keep huge stocks of flasks in their banks. Hopefully their elixir master isn’t doing the same thing. You will have to sell at the lowest price to these guilds all the time because you sell in big bulks. So make sure you are able to get herbs at the cheapest price. It is quite hard to get a guild to buy flasks from you. You should be able to know which players are officers in the guild and which guilds are very active in raiding. It requires a little more research on your side but it can pay off big time.

You can even sell flasks to personal buyers. When you list your flasks and you see a character buying out your flasks like it's a hot pancake, send them a personal message if they want to get more from you at the same price. I eventually have personal buyers who would just message my bank alt everyday to COD stacks of flasks of frost wyrm. Of course my price would be always lower than in the AH.

That's about it for elixir masters. Enjoy making gold!


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