World of Warcraft features an advanced transportation system to assist you in your travels around this vast world. This system of transportation has 5 aspects:

  • Mounts
  • Public transportation (air mounts, boats, zepplins, and a tram)
  • Portals
  • Hearthstones
  • Running


World of Warcraft offers a variety of mounts for the different races of Azeroth. A mount is a special type of permanent pet that a player can own. Using one requires the riding talent, and with extensive training, riding specialists will be able to use mounts not generally available to their particular race. More than mere status symbols, mounts allow players to travel over land more quickly than on foot. -Blizzard
Mounts are first available at level 40 for the price of 80g. This price can be reduced to 72g if the player has obtained an honored reputation with the race they are purchasing the mount from. Any player can train their race's mount, and those able to obtain an exhalted reputation may purchase mounts from other races in their faction. In addition to the mount's cost, players must invest in Riding Skill (20g, or 18g with the honored discount). These level 40 mounts increase your movement speed by 60%. Two classes, Paladin and Warlock, are able to obtain free mounts through a spell available to their class. New mounts are available to level 60 players, which increase the player's movement speed by 100%. These mounts cost 1000g (900g with honored discount) to purchase. No classes receive free level 60 mounts. In addition to the mounts for each race, there are rare mounts out there to discover. Links for more info "General information, tips, specific information (and screenshots) of each mount" "Screenshots, prices, and locations of the different variations in each race's mount (color, etc)" Public Transportation Air Mounts
Each faction in World of Warcraft has tamed great beasts of the air to transport its citizens quickly over WoW's beautiful landscape. Simply speak with the NPCs with the green exclamation points and they will give you a ride for a nominal fee. Alliance -[INDENT]Gryphons in the Eastern Kingdoms Hippogryphs on Kalimdor[/INDENT] Horde -[INDENT]Batriders in the Eastern Kingdoms Wyverns on Kalimdor[/INDENT] Links for more info "General information and screenshots" "Amazing map showing all flight paths and associated costs. A must see for any WoW fan! Simply hover over the blue and pink dots to show the price for transport to that local."
Boats, Zepplins and the Tram
Boats, Zepplins, and the Tram are all freely available to players. Each mode of transportation has a round trip of around 5 minutes, so if you miss the boat/zepplin/tram you have a short wait until the next one arrives. Boat Routes: Booty Bay to Rachet (Neutral) Menethil Harbor to Auberdine (Alliance Territory) Rut'theran to Auberdine (Alliance Territory) Menethil Harbor to Theramore Isle (Alliance Territory) Zepplin Routes: Orgrimmar to Tirisfal (Horde Territory) Grom'gol to Orgrimmar (Horde Territory) Tram Route: Ironforge to Stormwind (Alliance Territory) Links for more info "General information, tips, and screenshots" "Amazing map showing all boat/zepplin/tram paths. A must see for any WoW fan! Simply hover over the blue and pink dots to show the transportation available from that local."
Portals Portals have played a large role in World of Warcraft lore, and the WoW mages are still able to harness their power. They have both teleport and portal spells available to them. Teleports transport the mage to the choosen city, while portals transport the mage's entire party.
Teleportation spells: Alliance * Stormwind (Level 20) * Ironforge (Level 20) * Darnassus (Level 30) Horde * Orgrimmar (Level 20) * Undercity (Level 20) * Thunderbluff (Level 30) Portal spells: Alliance * Stormwind (Level 40) * Ironforge (Level 40) * Darnassus (Level 50) Horde * Orgrimmar (Level 40) * Undercity (Level 40) * Thunderbluff (Level 50)
Hearthstones Hearthstones allow players to set various Inns around the world as their home. Once an Inn is set as their home, they can use their hearthstone to return to that Inn instantly. Hearthstones have a cast time of 15 sec and a cooldown of 1 hour. Running This time tested method of transportation can be improved through various methods. Special potions, boots, and spells can improve the run speed of characters. Druids (level 30) and Shamans (level 20) both have a travel form spell which increases their run speed by 50%.


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