Why Are You Tanking?

So addressing the question above, why ARE you still tanking?

Do you ever stop to think about it? Maybe wonder about the purpose and reason for why it is that you do what you do? Maybe you should take an afternoon to consider it, you know, head over to a nearby beach and sit on a rock outcropping and listen to the waves go in and out while the sun goes down and ponder why it is that you’re choosing to tank in a virtual environment with pixelated monsters and rewards.

Or, you know, you could not.

I think that’s it’s a question that we all eventually face.

It usually comes at one of those “I’m so tired of doing this,” phases that most of us go through if we’ve been tanking for a long time.

Eventually, you start to wonder why you put yourself through all that hassle to be the best tank you can be for a whole bunch of strangers when you look around the raid and it seems (to you) that almost nobody else is putting in even half of the effort that you are.

Tanks usually end up feeling more responsible for the raid than they actually are. It’s like the position of safeguarding their virtual lives saddles you with the feeling of responsibility that you’re not sure you wanted but now that you have it, you’ll be damned if you drop the ball.

So you do your research, figure out the boss fights and how to min/max your gear, reforgings and talent trees to give your raid the best chance of success. You learn to be a leader, learn to explain what it is you need and when you need it to your raid or party. You spend your time trying to figure out what the best way to transmogrify your gear is so that your raid feels more comforted by your presence and feels confident in you as their meatshield (I recommend the tier 4!).

You do all this because you care. You do it because you feel like you owe it to someone to be the best you can be when you’re tanking.

Or you do it because you find it fun and amusing.

Or you do it because you want that extra challenge, that little frisson that responsibility can give you.

So, why are you tanking?

You should ask yourself this question.

And if you come up with an answer, you should let me know, share with the rest of us.

There might be those among us who feel like they don’t have an answer and you can help them regain their lost faith by sharing yours.

That can be your good deed for the day.

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