Four PuG Habits I’d Eradicate Forever if I Could…

Four PuG Habits I’d Eradicate Forever if I Could… is a post from: Aurdon's Mage Blog

Because we’ve been fail-PuG free on this blog for just a little too long, I present:

1) WTF?????


I’ve talked about GDKP’s which are pretty prevalent on Blackrock before,  It seems from comments,  and other server talks,  that it’s prevalence is a little unique.  Sure other realms have them, but on Alliance side of BR there is at least one ICC 25 GDKP running  every night during  Aussie peak hours,  and one or several during the day / our early mornings. Not as frequent,  but still quite common are 25 TOC’s, and 25TOGC’s run.

Anyone can run them.  Not Everyone should run them. Eg last night.  The person who started the TOC 25 GDKP - had extremely poor english speaking skills, minimal communication, and a non working GDKP mod.   It was salvaged by a good friend of mine who took over loot bidding, gold, and raid leading,  all the while also main tanking.  If not for them – the group would have failed.

Wrath Raid Awards

Wrath Raid Awards is a post from: Aurdon's Mage Blog

So Wrath isn’t over yet, but I got all inspired by Larisa and Cassandri’s raid boss rankings. And I get the feeling I’ve probably gone just about as far in ICC as I’m going. Maybe I’m wrong (prove me wrong Res!) but it seems like as good a time as any to sum up the first few months of my raiding life with a few heartfelt awards.

I was going to try and think of a fancy pants name for them, but somehow the Rhii-ies doesn’t sound real good. I have an alt named Emiri, maybe I can call them the Emis. :P

You complete me\Altoholic\Please no PVP in my PVE

Ok so the blog title has absolutely nothing to do with wow...what it has to do with is iron man which I saw last week. If you're seen the commercials there is a scene where a character says "You complete me" and then iron may leaps away...not in the movie.

Iron man was ok, I wasn't bowled over. It felt like a retread of the first one, but that's just me.

So why is IRON man 2 features so prominently in a blog about a gnome in warcraft....because I don't raid on Thursdays anymore. I went out to the movies. The guild calls it plumbing night, and I call it date night. They're ok with it, it saves my sanity and we're all a little bit happier. Of course, I have this weird sense that I need to login and check on them, but when I get home the guild is intact, and nothing major has happened....blah :)

How Networked do you want me to be?

I have twitter – but it’s mainly used for listening to other people tweet, I might make an inane comment every now  and then, but people filling up an entire page with crap sorta turned me off using it more than I already do.

With Battlenet moving to facebook connect-ability – it seems to have encouraged a few people to  head that direction with the blogging community.  I claimed  a Pugnacious Priest ‘ fan’ page a while ago, but never published it,   (One of the keeping your internets secure principles I’ve read – and think make sence, is owning,  or claiming your online identity – and it was a just in case the community moved onto Facebook)

I hestitate in activating it,  because  it will be something else I need to maintain, and I don’t think I am ‘like’ /’fan’ worthy

You read me.   /cheer   I like that you read me – do you really want the Pugnacious Priest on your facebook too?

Should there be a poll?

Where do we go from Here?

My 2nd priest is now on BR, and has already netted me 2k Gold in a GDKP  4 boss ICC

So I now have 2 somewhat ok  geared Priests on one realm,  and lots’s of  stuff to potentially do – and really only one goal. 

I wanna see the Lich king.

Wtfismygearscore has  my main Zahraah shadow set as 5925

Pugchecker  has me with an Average Item Level of 260.24

Wow Heroes  ( Go to the Realm Tab, and use the filter)  had me at 69th on server on my main  , and 22nd Alliance for gear  ( but that was a few peoples names not recently refreshed,  and I don’t want to refresh them all. 

Be Imba has my highest PVE score at 725.42

Warcrafter  has my Gear Score at 2124

The VuhDo Solution That Evaded Me for Ages that I Think You Should Know About Too

The VuhDo Solution That Evaded Me for Ages that I Think You Should Know About Too is a post from: Aurdon's Mage Blog

I like long titles.

And I LOVE VuhDo. I used to use grid+clique, but frankly, I mapped so many buttons to it I couldn’t find one leftover to make the menu pop up so I could get out of fail pugs faster. It proved insurmountably annoying, and so I began the hunt for a better healing addon. And the one I found was the best healing addon. Love and hugs to Iza for building it. That little bugger does everything I could possibly want in an addon and a few thousand more things that I might want some other time.

However, I had a problem.

Rhiadana: Alts ahoy

Well, I didn't get much done over the weekend as faras Rhia goes.. just ran the one heroic a day for the Frost emblems.

Finished out the Argent Tournament run and got the Pony Bridle so I can repair , get mail, and sell crap once every 4 hours. Woot?

No, most of Sunday was spent waiting for a 2:00 pm weekly raid to Eye of the Storm which never materialised, and then ICC 10 run in the evening. Both these on my Druid.

Don't know what was up in the ICC run. We only had 6 confirmed sign-ups, then waited over an hour to fill the raid. Then For some reason, Festergut proved impossible. I can only say WTF?! We've done both Fester and Rotface a couple of times before and we were banging on the Prof less than a week ago.

I Got Justicar.

I think I am supposed to feel excited.  But its 20 ‘Lolpoints’

I mean I feel good.  Justicar Zahraah  I even had a friend come with me the last 2 flags to witness this amazing achievement of mine.

I’m not the first to get it,  and those who earned WSG rep easier back in the earlier days will not think my efforts as special,  and that’s ok.   I’ve explained my reasons for why  I chased this one before.

Taverncraft and FigurePrints Contest

To celebrate the debut of Taverncraft's signed and numbered Blood of the Horde and Alliance United Legendary Collection Steins, as well as the premiere of the new FigurePrints Busts, Taverncraft and FigurePrints have banded together to present the "Show Us Your Stein" screenshot contest. Through May 31, simply become a fan of the World of Warcraft Epic Collection Steins page on Facebook and, in the Fan Photos section there, post in-game screenshots of your character(s) holding either a stein of any sort or a Tankard O' Terror, and you'll be eligible to win a share of over $500 in prizes. Additional details are available on the World of Warcraft Epic Collection Steins Facebook page.


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