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Reforging in A Shattered World

So today we’ll be taking a look at the process of reforging and how that works.

The new reforging system is one in which you can reduce the amount of one of the stats on your gear and add on some secondary stats that aren’t currently present on the item.

The problem with the reforging system lies with the fact that the primary tanking stat is stamina but stamina is present on pretty much every single item you can possibly find, making it impossible for you to reforge for it.

The good thing about this system is that it actually helps you shore up your weaker stats and allows you to focus a lot more exclusively on stamina.

Building Contacts while Levelling

In our last article together, I covered a topic that’s going to be near and dear to all of our hearts sometime in the next two weeks.

I am, of course, speaking once again about levelling with the coming expansion.

I know, I know, you’re all just jumping for joy but let me tell you right now, when Cataclysm hits and you leave behind all those other struggling warriors behind in the dust, you’ll be glad that you thought ahead.

Keep in mind too that while this article is mainly focused on warriors and the push from level 80-85, the general principles will also apply to levelling from 1-85 as well, given how early that dual talent specializations are available and the new cheaper price for it.

Cataclysm Leveling Techniques

With the oncoming Cataclysm only a scant two and a half weeks away, it’s high time that you start preparing for how you’re planning to level up to 85, if you haven’t already.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when thinking about this ranging from efficiency, speed and fun factor but I’ll help you cover at least the broad strokes of the pros and cons of each method in the hopes that you find something that will call to you and draw you to it.

Diving right into the heart of the matter, the first method is for those that are concerned with hitting the level cap as quickly as humanly possible.

4.0 Cataclysm Preview – Closing

Weeks after the fateful 4.0 patch the dust has finally settled. We’ve covered the broad range of topics that you’ll need in order to be an effective tank in the coming Cataclysm save for one.  You need to be able to adapt.

Tanks, more than any other class, need to be fluid in their playstyle and this is what separates the good tanks from the great ones.

Do you remember everything I’ve written in the past few weeks about optimal talent specs, glyph choices and spell priorities? Well, if you have an established method that works for you, you can feel free to completely ignore it.

4.0 Warrior Cataclysm Preview – Abilities

It’s now been three weeks since the big 4.0 patch has dropped.

By now, you all should have a pretty good idea of just what the hell you’re doing. If you’re new to tanking still or still haven’t gotten around to setting up your warrior’s talents and glyphs, take a look at the previous two articles to get at least a rough idea of what direction you should be taking.

It’s time we moved away from the more basic parts of what the new mechanic changes and shifted gears into edging out small benefits in your playstyle.

Let’s talk about ability usage.

There are two parts to ability usage in the midst of combat, the offensive and the defensive.

4.0 Warrior Cataclysm Preview – Talents


To be honest, I don’t know quite what to tell you.

Patch 4.0 has landed, a preview of all of the changes to come in the Cataclysm to come.

How are you liking it so far?

You know, there are a lot of changes to discuss so let’s get right down to it.

The first thing you’ll notice is that while there have been a lot of restructuring changes to the tree, there are a lot of talents bear more than a passing resemblance to their older counterparts.

As there are only a few talents that you wouldn’t get while travelling down the tree, it’s those that I’ll cover more than anything else.

The first talent to avoid is pretty much a no-brainer. Blood and Thunder in the first tier of the prot tree is near completely useless as a tank because you’ll never really have Rend up on those mobs.

I Choose You: Death Knights

We come at last to the death knight, the red-headed stepchild of the tanking family that nobody really likes but everyone has to put up with because despite all of their flaws, they’re still part of the family.

During the course of Wrath, death knights have enjoyed an interesting spot in the tanking family. While, largely speaking, they haven’t been exactly the most popular tanks to roam around during the expansion, they’ve had a very cozy niche spot in the world of tanking archetypes.

They were built more as AOE tanks like the paladins but not quite as good. They had a great potential for mitigation like the bears but again, not quite as good and they had a decently sized toolset for a variety of tanking situations like warriors but…not quite as varied. They were a perfect jack of all trades type tank.

Ruby Sanctum: Trash

We’re going to take a short break from my planned articles on what class you will be wanting to reroll into for Cataclysm to address a topic that I’m sure is near and dear to your hearts at the moment.

Yep, Ruby Sanctum is available now and if you don’t have a solid raiding team and you’ve tried to pug the damned thing, you know just how annoying the trash in there can be.

You might be sitting there, wondering to yourself, “as a tank, how can I make this instance run as smooth as possible for these lowly wretches that I’m absorbing all of these hits for?”

Well wonder no longer for you’ve come to the right place!

First off, a word to the wise, steel yourselves fellow tanks (and fur yourselves in the case of our bear brethren), for it’s been a long time since you’ve really had to think during trash pulls.

Real Id : let’s talk real numbers

I have 6 Real ID friends.

I feel so popular.

I’ll be honest and say only one of them is someone I know in real life as in I used to see somewhat regularly untill they moved interstate. The others are ‘internet friends.’  I have recently have spent more time in-game with all of them then I have my own mother in -RL . 

 I’m pretty confident at the least,   that my 6 aren’t axe wielding maniacs.  Me however – well they added me at their own risk – and I don’t own a axe though I do have…..  

I went all stalkerish. Yes! I am in your friends list counting your numbers, and of my 6,  the numbers of friends they had each ranged from 11 to 1  The average was about 6 friends each.  This is a very small sample,  and I am sure Blizzard would be tracking these averages  because…..

Is 6 friends really worth all the effort they put in, for this x realm / x game communication?

I Choose You: Warriors

Needless to say, all of these classes and likely, the role of tanking as a whole will undergo a significant amount of changes come Cataclysm but the core principles behind what makes one tank different from another tank will remain the same and it will be those differences that we focus on in this series to help you choose which class you want to tank with.

The warrior has been an absolute staple tanking class right from the start and back in vanilla WoW, the warrior was THE tank.

Recently, there’s been a big push by Blizzard to establish a measure of parity among all four tanking classes but you’ll find that a lot of raiding guilds still use a warrior as a main tank.


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