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I just can’t stand it anymore! L2Spell nubs! It’s spelled “queue.”

See? Right here in the dictionary:

queue (kyoo) n.
1. A line of waiting people or vehicles.
2. A long braid of hair worn hanging down the back of the neck; a pigtail.
3. Computer Science
a. A sequence of stored data or programs awaiting processing.
b. A data structure from which the first item that can be retrieved is the one stored earliest.
intr.v. queued, queu·ing, queues
To get in line: queue up at the box office.

It’s not “que” (that’s Spanish for “what”, actually).

Tailor, LFW

Tailor, LFW is a post from: Aurdon's Mage Blog

I’m pretty sure I’ve recently become the foremost producer of netherweave bags on Kel’Thuzad.

I’m not telling you the name of my bank alt, you hecklers!

But if you sell a lot of netherweave cloth or if you’re a consumer of many bags or … gasp… a competitor, you’ll recognize her name I suspect. (She’s a cute cow in a white wedding dress.) I buy about thirty or so stacks of netherweave every time I hit the AH, which is several times a week, and then I stockpile the bags and sell 10-15 a day, as long as the price is reasonable.

And I’ve learned a few things for the beginning bag salesman. I’m not going to get deep and tricksy  here, just basic stuff.

Achievement Chasing

Achievement Chasing is a post from: Aurdon's Mage Blog

I’ve missed Rhii. I’ve been gearing her up again lately, but I just don’t do well in the dps role. She’s not even making me any money, since I haven’t really got the hang of the glyph making thing. So I got a little discouraged and didn’t know quite what to do with her. Until I was blundering along through Dalaran and realized I hadn’t bought Rhii any of Breanni’s little pets.

I used to be pretty enthusiastic about collecting pets on Rhii. Back when she was a draenei still. I used to be pretty enthusiastic about making sure she was always well mounted. I had her exalted with four of the five Alliance factions. I had Exalted Champion of three different cities at the Argent Tournament. I had started Long Strange Trip and Explorer. I’d started Chef. I’d started Salty…

A Mage’s Homecoming (Fiction)

A Mage’s Homecoming (Fiction) is a post from: Aurdon's Mage Blog

This is a bit of a wall of text, so bear with me. I’m also aware some people don’t like to read RP, feel free to skip. I felt a need to reconstruct Rhii’s history, now that she’s a blood elf and not a draenei. This story grew from those ideas. My grasp of timelines and preWoW lore is rather loose, so if I’ve made any giant historical mistakes, please correct me. I’ve also taken a few liberties with the Kirin Tor, the Sunreavers, and Archmage Modera specifically. The setting is shortly after the events of the Wrathgate, and the assumption is that this is Rhii’s first trip to Dalaran since her arrival in Northrend.

*         *          *          *          *         *        *

Four PuG Habits I’d Eradicate Forever if I Could…

Four PuG Habits I’d Eradicate Forever if I Could… is a post from: Aurdon's Mage Blog

Because we’ve been fail-PuG free on this blog for just a little too long, I present:

1) WTF?????

Wrath Raid Awards

Wrath Raid Awards is a post from: Aurdon's Mage Blog

So Wrath isn’t over yet, but I got all inspired by Larisa and Cassandri’s raid boss rankings. And I get the feeling I’ve probably gone just about as far in ICC as I’m going. Maybe I’m wrong (prove me wrong Res!) but it seems like as good a time as any to sum up the first few months of my raiding life with a few heartfelt awards.

I was going to try and think of a fancy pants name for them, but somehow the Rhii-ies doesn’t sound real good. I have an alt named Emiri, maybe I can call them the Emis. :P

The VuhDo Solution That Evaded Me for Ages that I Think You Should Know About Too

The VuhDo Solution That Evaded Me for Ages that I Think You Should Know About Too is a post from: Aurdon's Mage Blog

I like long titles.

And I LOVE VuhDo. I used to use grid+clique, but frankly, I mapped so many buttons to it I couldn’t find one leftover to make the menu pop up so I could get out of fail pugs faster. It proved insurmountably annoying, and so I began the hunt for a better healing addon. And the one I found was the best healing addon. Love and hugs to Iza for building it. That little bugger does everything I could possibly want in an addon and a few thousand more things that I might want some other time.

However, I had a problem.

You Can’t Solo That. /facepalm

You Can’t Solo That. /facepalm is a post from: Aurdon's Mage Blog

:D I totally wish you could though!

I have no words

I have no words is a post from: Aurdon's Mage Blog

I’m not sure how to express quite how upset this makes me, and I certainly have no real forum for expressing it that’s quite appropriate. But it’s eating me up, still.

The jerkface we kicked from our guild not so very long ago… The one who then started his own guild which now is home to all our former raiders…

He quit WoW and sold his account.

It’s like he had no reason to live when he couldn’t go on hurting me. Or something. I overreact.

I’d like to report all his toons in the hopes that the buyer gets banned for buying accounts, then I won’t have to look at their names in trade chat anymore. But that would just be stooping to his level.

Hello From Finals Land!

Hello From Finals Land! is a post from: Aurdon's Mage Blog

I am actually sitting in the classroom where my final exam in Civil Procedure is about to take place. The waiting is killing me, and I feel like if I look at my notes one more time my head might explode. So I thought I’d whip out a quick one before the exam starts and hopefully it’ll clear my head and settle my nerves a little.

Zimzi, my precocious trollette shaman, has reached the incredible level of 63 (and she’s maxed out all the outland skills in Alchemy and Tailoring too!). Actually, she reached that level last Tuesday (and considering I’d rolled her only 10 days before, I think that’s pretty damn impressive) when I got too preoccupied with finals to keep leveling at the mad pace I’d been going.


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