Monk/Brewmaster Abilities Part 2

So last week, we covered a portion of the baseline Monk abilities in the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion.

This week, we’ll be digging a little deeper into the tanking spec of the Monk class, the Brewmaster and looking over some of the signature abilities of the tanking spec and what sort of playstyle we can expect to see from it.

Many of the Brewmaster specific abilities seem geared towards not just a flat reduction of damage like the classes we work with now, but taking the damage dealt to you, dicing it up into more managable chunks instead of the big spikes and setting those up to hit you over time to make it a little easier to keep your health up.

Monk/Brewmaster Abilities Part 1

Well now, isn’t there just a ton of Mists of Pandaria information floating around out there?

If you’re like me, I’m sure that you’re a little bit overwhelmed but worry not! We’ll get you up to speed on the latest tanking class that will be joining our ranks with an overview of some of the abilities that the Monk, and more specifically, the Brewmaster, will be bringing to the party.

We won’t be covering every single ability that they have available in this two part article, but we’ll go over the broad sweeps of the class to get a bit of an idea as to what kind playstyle they’ll make available to you.

Overview of the Brewmaster

So with the NDA on the Mists of Pandaria expansion lifted, a LOT of information is floating around out there on the net for the hungry masses.

So what’s out ther that we should be concerned about?

As mentioned in a previous article, one of the big questions facing a lot of us with the upcoming expansion is the question of whether or not we’ll stay with our current classes or will we potentially be switching out to another tanking class, perhaps taking a gander at the pandaren brewmaster that’ll be popping out for a completely different look at tanking altogether.

Well, with some of the information out there, that decision won’t have to be made completely in the dark.


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