Top 5 Best Looking Hunter Pets in Cataclysm

Hunter pets are one of the crowning glories of the arrow-wielding class. With their additional DPS plus the buff/debuff they inflict, they are considered as the extra fire power a group or raid needs to properly get the job done. Though there are times when Hunters prefer to use pets as a novelty or show towards other classes and co-hunters (think Pokemon), especially when the essential buffs/debuffs are already provided in the raid. So we choose the best looking one so we would look really bad-ass whenever we do some serious content.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has added another dimension of unique pet skins and models for Hunters to choose from which can feed their aesthetic needs. But which pets stand out the most out of all the new WOW: Cataclysm pets? Well here are our top 5 Hunter pets based on model and skin. Take a gander as they walk the runway to strike fear, terror, awesomeness or just plain cuteness.

1. White Fox (Ruins of Gilneas: Lvl 13-14): Don't let the cuteness and fuzziness fool you. This white fox can pack quite a punch especially in PvP. But aesthetically, having these around makes it look like you've conquered some legendary japanese demon fox. Even with their ability to dance (most surreal ability ever), the striking white fur and demented red eyes will remind you that it's fearsome beyond doubt. The attack animation of this little fox is also nice.

2. Red Boss Silithid (Tanaris: Lvl 48; Must be BM to tame and use): Okay, this pet has been around longer than Cataclysm, but the pink armor just speaks awesomeness. I remember the first time I caught this critter, I named her 'Kerrigan' in honor of the queen of blades, Sarah Kerrigan. Just the sight of this silithid running towards you with cunning ferocity makes you tremble in fear even if you know that pets are not as threatening as the hunter itself. You just try to kill the bug first before the hunter because of its size.

3. Spectral Crab (Abyssal Depths: Lvl 85; Must be BM to tame and use): We just gotta have a spirit beast in this list, and although the Spectral Crab is by default in here because it's the only spirit beast in Cataclysm, the model is as celestial and heavenly than anything we've ever seen in the expansion. Those giant pincers are aching to guillotine enemy heads and the spikes protuding at the back just screams "I'm gonna kick yo-ass, b*tch."

4. Ancient Fire Turtle (Mount Hyjal: Lvl 85): This is the most amazing model I've ever seen not only in the turtle family, but probably in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm itself. The fiery shell, the agonizing fiery eyes, it's stout and intimidating disposition; this turtle is terror incarnate since the core hounds. What's more to like about this model is that you don't need to be a BM to tame it! Have the comfort of having an ancient Azerothian demigod by your side and make those enemies beg for mercy.

5. Seagull (Thousand Needles: Lvl 42-43; Tol Barad Peninsula: Lvl 85): Best. Pet. Model. Ever. Look at those eyes. Look at those wings. Look at that belly hanging out. Doesn't that bird scare you? Doesn't it?!


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