Hunter Memorial: Ammunition (Arrows/Bullets)

Hunter Memorial gives tribute to past Hunter abilities that make or break the way the arrow-wielders do their business. In the past, several abilities have been added and removed throughout the course of World of Warcraft. And now, as we've entered World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, we face yet again the daunting task of adjusting to new mechanics. The most daunting of all perhaps is the resource change from Mana to Focus, which made us reconsider our rotations that we've been so used to in Wrath of the Lich King. But there are also abilities/mechanics which have been removed that has forever changed the way we think and play the class (whether if it's good or bad).
Today we'll be discussing the quintessential thing that described and seperated us Hunters from the rest of the class from vanilla WOW: the Ammunitions (arrows/bullets). Okay, so it's not exactly an ability, but ammos are practically the life and soul of a hunter back then so it deserves a spot here. 
Remember the time when we always visit Auction Houses just to purchase arrows/bullets? Remember when we always hit trade chat in case no Iceblade arrows are available? Remember the time when we dedicate one bag slot just for our arrows? We all do. And we had the time of our lives as it allows us Hunters to be the only ones capable of wielding Bows/Guns (if I remember correctly, other classes can't equip arrows or bullets thus not capable of using the bow or gun).
Whenever we raid, we always check how many stacks of ammos we have left. It can get annoying when you get into instances where you're at your last 1000 ammos and you're not even done with the ICC raid! You always hit up raid chat and say "Hey guys, lemme get some ammo first, please set up lock summon. k thanks!" Some raids tolerate it, others get all fuzzed up about it. But hey, that's just how hunters are. Without our arrows, the raid won't get some awesome DPS.
Arrows/bullets were practically the bread and butter of Engineers out there, as they are capable of creating several stacks using only a few materials. Iceblade Arrows only needed a couple of Crystallized Shadows to make several stacks, and the Auction Houses sold them for about 5-10g per stack.
So why was it removed? Well it's the practicality of things, really. Blizzard had this notion that only a few hunters are left out in the wild world of Warcraft (but they're so wrong!), so they thought about giving Hunters some added advantages just to make their lives a little easier.
So now in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, everything feels like you won that bow from the Sunwell raid where it magically shoots arrows. Ammunitions are useless now, but I still have one stack stored in my bank just to make me remember the good/bad times when they existed. We now also have another bagslot to fill-up, and that advantage is always welcome.
And so we remember and say goodbye once again to the very thing that defined us hunters, the ammunition.



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