A Letter to the DPS, From a Healer

Dear DPS, Christmas was a time of joy, a time of cheers and a time of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Eversince the expansion began, us healers haven't exactly been getting a good time since we can't solo most of our quests (Twilight Highlands was horror incarnate for soloing healers). Yeah sure we have the option of nicely asking our friends or guildies for help, but some healers aren't that fortunate. So we usually just use our off-spec to grind the quests, not having much time practicing our healing skills.

BUT, that's not the point of this letter (which is apparently addressed to you, DPS). As much as we want a run smooth sailing, there are times when us healers just can't keep up with the damage bosses and enemies deliver, especially in heroics. And although the tanks have their share of WTFs, we somehow submitted to the fact that tanks can do whatever they want because we're afraid they might rage quit on us and leave (we'll talk later tanks), so we are appealing to the DPS for now.

"Once upon a time, a 5-man strong group hopped around Stonecore. While the leader charged a mob with vigorous and resilient fury and the healer healed casually, a hunter pressed the wrong button and drew aggro from a treacherous mob nearby. And while the leader tried their best to hold aggro and the other DPS try to CC and kill, the healer ran out of mana because he/she had to heal every single one who's been getting too much damage. The valiant group dies."

That's only one of the many scenarios we faced and failed at. We know how it feels to be a DPS. You get that urge to hit the enemy everything you've got just to top that DPS meter. But sometimes, specific battles and instances require common sense. And although the holiday season is far over, we have a short wishlist for the damage dealers out there if they want a smooth and safe (and hopefully fast) run:
  • Watch your threat! It's the most essential thing we want you to do. Tanks sometimes cannot handle mobs and bosses on their own. So they need the healer's almost undivided attention. Our main priority in a group is the tank and us the healers. Basically if one of us dies, that means everyone else might die too. So watching your threat basically improves your survivability rate. If none of the enemies/boss hits you by getting aggro, the more chances that we'll be clear of a wipe.
  • When somebody yells "LOS," do it. Still casting a spell to refresh a DOT while the boss is about to throw thousands of earth shards at you? Well, would it hurt to just stop and stack behind the pillar and avoid major damage? This goes for you tanks as well.
  • If there's a nasty substance underneath you, RUN. We get this all the time. Again, DPS needs to pay attention to every detail in a fight. If there's something boiling underneath your foot, then better avoid it before it bursts into a full geyser that will hit you really hard.
  • Interrupt, interrupt, interrupt! Although this doesn't apply to all DPS, if you see an enemy about to transform into one hell of an earth guardian or is about to heal major health, interrupting is the best way to avoid long fights.
  • Crowd Control. CC can help the tank get less damage. Less damage, much easier for healers.
  • Don't initiate a pull unless the tank tells you to. Enough said.

And so, that's our simple wishlist to all DPS out there if they want the healer to do a bang-up job during instances. We hope you open your hearts and heed our call as we make World of Warcraft:Cataclysm an easier and safer place to play.

Your PUG Healer


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